Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Stumpwork - Part 6 - Finishing touches

Now for the last part, I hope you have enjoyed following along this journey of making my lady on her swing.

The finishing touches were the little bits of grass at the base of the tree, putting her into a frame and covering up the material that was not painted, and she’s all done.

A few strands of grass.....

A side on view of the finished piece gives a different perspective.

Then I had to decide big frame or little frame.  The little frame just didn't do it justice.

But then the big frame was so big, I had to disguise the unpainted material somehow, so that made me think of the left over material from her dress, and there is a lot of it.

It's had to believe months of work, reverted to a few pages of text and photo's.
I hope you have enjoyed seeing how this lovely lady and her tree were made. She will now be displayed at the Totems Exhibition at the Perc Tucker Gallery from the 17th September to the 17th October.  Then she's flying off to the UK for assessment with Kay Dennis.

Part 1 Inspiration
Part 2 Tree and Background
Part 3 will be the under layers of my lady.
Part 4 adding dress, head, hair
Part 5 hat
Part 6 finishing touches


Rachel said...

I've enjoyed it enormously - thank you for sharing it with us!

Carol said...

Must tell you! I went with a busload of Carlyle trippers to see the exhibition last Friday and one of the ladies of more superior taste was chatting to me and singled out your piece in particular as having appealed to her. She said she could so identify with your picture and what you'd written about it. Thought you'd like to know.