Tuesday, 19 May 2009

My autumn and Spring ATC’s for the Embroiderers Guild Forum Swap

My autumn and Spring ATC’s for the Embroiderers Guild Forum Swap.
Well I am now three quarters of the way through this swap. Here are my autumn and Spring ones.

I have used the same 28count linen that I used for my Winter ATC’s on the autumn ones.
This is the one I did for Anney. Two woven spirals and sewn with variegated no 5 Perle cotton.

For Dianne I used a Stef Francis dyed silk for the leaf, and the side panel was at top cream No 5 Perle cotton, and the base is hand dyed 6 stranded cotton.

For Elizabeth’s I used the same hand dyed stranded cotton in Dianne’s.
I love doing sumptuous surfaces. This one was my favourite.

For Grace, I practiced my trellis stitch for the side panel and the leave is a whipped stem stitch. Thread used is a No 5 Perle cotton.

For Isabelle’s I used a brownish chiffon added beads and again used my favourite Perle cotton.

Julie who is new to the swap I had some lovely sparkle felt, and I just overstitched with some gold thread, and added some Fly stitch leaves in the side panel.

Kim was also new to the Forum; I did a fly stitch large leave and some smaller ones in variegated stranded cotton. I then used some leftover paint for the background; it just looked a little to bear.

And last was Mandy’s. Here I used my Perle No 5 variegated cotton again, and wove a grid on the side panel, the leave was backstitched and then I had the veins coming from the centre out, they are woven into the backstitch.

Lastly for my Spring ATC’s I decided to make them all the same. I discovered this lovely lace in Shrewsbury, so I cut out the flowers and dyed them in some herbal tea, the one Michael likes, Orange Mango and Cinnamon tea. I then added a couple of Butterfly’s. They are sewn on a piece of green jade silk I got for 50p (for a metre or yard).