Friday, 25 January 2013

Southern Cross Crazies RR update

After being away from 4 weeks on a scout jamboree it was so nice to sit and stitch and just relax.  I have made a beetle for Linda for her block. I had asked her prior to going away and was hoping to make him whilst I was at the jamboree but didn't lift a needle.

Here is the full block after me:
I added the beetle in the center, the roses around him and the seam to the far right. There is still Faye to work on this block so there's still room for her to weave her magic. 

Here are close ups of the beetle on this block.
 Back view
 Overhead shot
and a side on view. I think he's happy amongst the roses.
I hope you like him Linda.


Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Jamboree update

Well I have been on camp now for three weeks and am ready to come home. But I still have one week to go. It has been great but 16 hour days are a bit too much to take.

 One of the many activities the scouts participated in was make it, and 160+ of these wooden tables were made, branded and scattered around the Maryborough Showgrounds site.

  The shirt I'm wearing is from one of the many troops that were on site, I swapped it for two QLD scarves.

We also had the occasional night where we had to queue for dinner, this photo was taken on the night when 'The Stable' (mess tent) lost power for an hour or so just on dinner time.
 The photo is of me (in blue), Sue, Leith and Jenny, my work mates for the Jamboree.

We're now said goodbye to nearly everyone on camp, only a handful of us left now to get ready for our Clearance sale on the weekend. It's going to be bedlam.  Roll on Monday night.....
You can find more on the aj2013 Facebook site. When I get home I hope to have more to show, but for now, as it's still really busy here, this will have to do...... oh I miss my stitching.....