Monday, 25 April 2011

Stumpwork Assessment Peice - Element - Rosey (sub part 4)

I know I'm out of sequence with my elements for this project, but I have only just finished adding this element to my background and as she has to go on first, I thought I'd share her with you.

Introducing 'Rosey'
To refresh your memory, Rosey is the subject of my second assessment piece, which I am way behind on, and thought I had best get cracking on it.  So I've painted the path, which still needs added enhancements which will come shortly.

But my problem was how to make Rosey.  I had thought of kid leather, but couldn't find the right colour, so I thought I'd try my hand at needle lace again, not a big fan of it, as I'm not that good at getting my stitches even, but got to work and tried it. 
I first placed a photograph of Rosey (the one above) under some plastic adhesive, and sewed that to some backing fabric.

With a black pen I outlined Rosey and then couched a double strand of no 12 Perle cotton to the outline through the plastic and the background fabric.

I then proceeded from the nose to tail, detached buttonhole all of Rosey's body.  When I was finished, I made up Rosey's tan colour using some dyes, and when I was happy with the colour, and while it was still on the plastic I painted Rosey's tan bits.

Allowed it to dry overnight, and clipped her away from the plastic backing. I cut out her padding, and placed it in layers just on the path.  Do you think I got my colour right, I recon I got it spot on......

Rosey the subject and Rosey the piece.

I then sewed the layers into place. Using the photograph as a guide I added the nose and eye. Added her ear, and now all I just have to add is her collar and lead and Rosey's ready for another walk.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Luscious Lace RR - Nicki's block

I love birds, but when it came to this block boy did I have a mental block, literally.  I found a lace motif that suited the block, but what else to add was my dilemma.  So I emailed Nicki to see if it was alright to add a stump work beetle to her block (I had to make sure it wasn't going to be washed you see).
So here is the full block, and more eye candy as you scroll down, with explanations.
Here is a close up of the Butterfly, silk ribbon and a double whipped chain body.

The beetle which is made of beads, his body is padded with felt, and then I satin stitched it, and then half way down I added buttonhole needle lace. Enhanced with a few more beads on his body.  Added a beaded head and detached chain for his legs.

And the back of him....

The next element was the lace motif, enhanced with beads and a spider in his web.

A blue feather, not from the birds of course, but to keep with the same colourings as the lace. Nylon thread, pain in the butt to work with.
now onto my next project....

Hearts for Sendi block.....


Sunday, 17 April 2011

Blog Guidebook

Thanks to my friend Kathy Shaw, who found this for us to share and learn. Check out the Blog Guidebook if you have a blog and want to share it! They also have other helps and even a new Club for bloggers! I'm so happy to have found them as I want to improve my blog and learn more about blogging!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Stitchmap Mentor challenge

As you all might know I am a member of StitchMap, and part of the mentor program.  We too have some challenges that we get to participate in, and one of them was the Mug Rug swap, here is the one I sent to Ruby in the US,

and below, is the one I received from Michelle in the US, along with some yummy assortment of tea's.

The second challenge was to make something from a gift that Shari had sent us.  It was an embroidered peacock feather.  To give you a peek and not to give to much away to it's recipient, here are some teasing eye candy shots.

and one more closeup,

I truly love the colours of this piece and have reservations of sending it on, but it is for a very special lady and I know she will love it.  I am using some of the techniques I love best, beading, surface embroidery and gold work.  There may even be a bit of stump work in there too.... watch this space.....