Sunday, 18 October 2015

Continuing our Journey -Newcastle-Coffs Harbour

We did our quick trip back to Brisbane to collect Rosey and my car, our white goods and pack up Chris and Rachel and send them on their way. After a day out at my brothers to re sort the container and put some more stuff away, we made our way down to Michael's mum to unpack and continue down back to Newcastle for another 3 weeks with Zacky. (The house owners had to do a dash to South Africa.
Whilst there we both got new bikes in Newcastle, mine is electric, pedal assist, meaning I still have to pedal to move, the electric part allows me to pedal up hills and hence keeping up with Michael. Michael bought himself one that has shocks, so the of-road riding is a bit more comfortable.
Newcastle has several good bikeways, one was the Fernleigh Track Bikeway, which the council has converted from the old railway line to a fully tarred bike path, spanning 16 klm, so when doing a round trip was 32 klm, which I did a few times. Another path we did frequently was the one that went around Lake Macquarie at the northern end, which is a 16 klm round trip, very scenic ride. 

Our routine would be Michael would ride from Holmesville over the hill to the park at the start of the ride (already an 11km trip for him). I would wait for him at Marmong Point near Teralba, after going to craft. (pictured above – one of my favorite spots on the lake, and below Michael at the lake end of the Fernleigh Track).
Unfortunately my bike has been back to the shop twice now, something to do with the relay, but we hope to be back on it soon, in the meantime I'm still walking and riding my other bike, just not in hilly areas.
As we had Rosey with us on our second trip back to Newcastle, she had to adjust to the cold, so I made her a new jacket and got a couple of extra baby blankets for her to snuggle up under.
 Find the Rose?????....
This is Rosey in her jacket, laying on Michael's dirty jeans and jumper, she does look comfy.
We did have some nice days to take her walking, here she is down by Lake Macquirie whilst Michael was trying to find some wind to Kite surf.

She's now staying at Michael's mum place and now that Aleesha (our niece) has arrived to live with Jan, Rosey is getting longer walks and a bit more company.
Before we moved onto Coffs Harbour for our next house sit we spent a week relaxing at South West Rocks, which is about an hours drive south of Coffs. We had a wonderful relaxing time, walking the beach, riding the bikes, reading and sewing. Michael even got a dive in and some kite surfing. The caravan park is right on the beach at Horseshoe bay.
 This was our view from our chairs outside the van, it got even better a few days later when more vans in front of us left.
 Walking the beach back towards the caravan park
 Out bike riding
The days were clear, bright and the ocean was just so blue. We even got to see a whale from the Goal just above these rocks later in the afternoon.

We have been very lucky so far with the weather, the last day we were there was raining and windy, so it was easy to pack up and move on.
We arrived in Coffs Harbour on September 18th.  We are here until Mid to late January. We have already started touring around the place and went whale watching a couple of weeks ago before they disappeared south.
 Michael and I on the boat.
We saw 3 or 4 pods of whales, this one was breaching, not far away from us, just amazing to see.

Well that catches you all up to now, I haven't added any craft stuff here, I'll do that in the next post, otherwise it will be too photo heavy.


Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Latest Project - Stumpwork embroidered Crazy Quilted box.

I have to admit it is easier to make things in a house than in the caravan.  I was commissioned to make a gift for a friend for their friends up coming birthday.

 Embroidered Basket with silk ribbon roses and beaded flowers.

 Inside view of box
 Top view of box, Buttonhole lace Butterfly, Stumpwork Goldwork beetle in pink, Silk ribbon flowers.
 This is the brooch I made as an extra gift
Buttonhole embroidered butterfly.

And of course my signature beetle.
The lady who commissioned it has received, she is over the moon with the result as am I.