Wednesday, 24 August 2011

My Stumpwork Beetle Class is scheduled

Have you wanted to make my beetles, well you can now, as has scheduled my Stumpwork beetle class to run from 14th October.

Just go to the link above and enrol and your on your way to adding these beetles to your embroideries......
See you there.


Basically Beaded DYOB - Carols blocks

I couldn't help myself for another round robin, this one is Basically Beaded DYOB, I did the Basically Beaded RR earlier this year, but this time is having to do a whole 6 inch block.  I had a hard time choosing which colour I wanted to work on, so I choose my favourite colour and went with that.  So I choose Yellow.

 Here are the 6 blocks, as you can see the colours are wonderful and rich, so hard to choose.  In this photo my work is finished.

Here are the closeups of my work. First the full block

And the close up elements:

Button trail, love doing these, and Kathy Shaw sent me some beaded roses that I just had to share and add.

next are the laces, both enhanced by adding seed beads.

And lastly the beaded seams.

These are now winging their way onto Merle to continue working.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Crazy Quilting Round Robin update

I've been busy trying to get these finished so I can get onto other projects, so here are three that I have finished and will post off tomorrow.
First up is Cathy's Luscious lace, I've added the four motifs at each of the corners, and the tatted butterfly. Herringbone stitch along the two bottom seams and highlighted the flower in the center.
 The next one is Gayle's Luscious lace, the lace band was already there, it's now enhanced with fargo ribbon roses, and a beaded seam across the top of it. Bullion flower and a seam of creten and bullions above. The base has a cluster of woven ribbon and more fargo ribbon roses. The last element is a hand painted fan (by me) at the top left corner.
 This last block is actually about 14 inches square, so the photo doesn't project it's size very well. I have given Candji a beetle as I had promised her, and added a meandering ribbon trail with beaded flowers along it. Last was the large lace motif at the top right corner, with a small enhancement of beads.
 close up of my beetle.