Friday, 25 May 2012

Spot's walk - starting shortly

Next Friday the 1st of June, this class starts.  There is still time for you to sign up. all you need to do is go to Barbara Joggles site - here is the link for you directly to this class.

This piece of work was inspiration from another one of my pieces ‘Rosey’s Walk’. Instructions show you how to embroider your pet on their walk through parks, and woodlands.

From beginner to intermediate embroiderer, using only a few basic stitches you will create a Stumpwork scene ready for framing.

General information about Stumpwork and stitches will be included in lesson material.

Week 1: Brief history of Stumpwork, common tools of the technique, designing your picture, preparation of your background, stitching and painting background, and introduction to stitches.

Week 2: Making the Tree.

Week 3: Stitching Spot, and finishing off. Design techniques and ideas on designing to stitch your own pet

Curious to know how online classes work? Go here to read all of the details:

The supply list will be sent to all students one week before the class starts. Once you buy this class you will receive an email order confirmation, but you will not hear from us again until the supply list is sent.

A high speed connection to the internet is recommended for all students.

In order to participate in online classes at joggles you are expected to have basic computer and internet skills. You need to be able to browse the internet, know how to download and save a document to your computer's hard drive, and understand how to open and save email attachments. It is your responsibility to learn these skills before the class begins.

Please be certain you are comfortable with all of these skills. Class fees will not be refunded once the class has begun.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Happy Mothers Day

In loving memory of my mother....


Tuesday, 8 May 2012

CQJP 2012 - April and May Blocks

I am finally catching up with all my stitching. Here are the latest two months of my Xmas tree skirt.

And May's Block

Now I have to make more blocks before I can do any more embellishing, as there are no more left.

I am thinking of changing my design slightly, so stay tuned and see what comes next.


Sunday, 6 May 2012

Fools Gold 2 - Wendy's Block

This is the third set I've received. They are truly stunning to see in real life.  I did a draft drawing of what I wanted to do for Wendy's block. I didn't quiet achieve everything I wanted, but came close.

It still turned out as want I really wanted. I didn't get to add her initial, but the gathered flower just seemed to be nicer there.
I changed it slightly, as I thought it need a couple more prominent seams.
So now here are Wendy's three peacocks so far.
This photo does not do these blocks just, Gerry's (right) and Kerry's (left) are truly amazing to see in real life.


Friday, 4 May 2012

Christmas Stocking Swap 2011 - Yes I know a bit late

I again had nominated to be part of a Christmas stocking swap last year, I know this is a late post, but there is reason for this. Only just a couple of weeks ago I finally received my stocking.  Due to it been sent late (due to unforeseen circumstances with Lyn's family crisis, and who know's what circumstances the postman decided to send it back to the US, after arriving in Oz). But then, travelling around the world twice, it finally arrived down under 3 months late. But it was well worth the wait, believe you me, firstly the stocking was one of Lyn's creations, and superbly done I must add, it is stunning, and the fabric is soooooo sooooo soft. But I also received in the box many lovely little goodies that would be the envy of anyone opening up such a parcel.  So I will let the photo's say the rest, everything that is shown in these next photo's was in the box, oh my what a lovely surprise, thank you, thank you, thank you Lyn.

 Three wonderful birds to grace my tree this year.

And many lovely fibres to stitch with.....

 Thank you Lyn, oh wow......