Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Bobbin lace - Did I score big.

Finally some posts, my computer died, the motherboard in fact, thankfully the hard drive is ok, but I back up all the time so I lost nothing, just had to reinstall programs.  So now all back to normal.

So over the next couple of weeks I'll be doing my catch up, but this post is one of the most important ones I needed to start with.

During our stay in Newcastle I had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful group of ladies creating amazing pieces from Bobbin Lace.  Our hostess Janis lives in an amazing big house with her husband and opens her home to these ladies weekly for their regular get together. Janis also has an amazing collection of Bobbin lace dating back to the 15th century. All the ladies were so lovely and happy to share their knowledge and skills.  One lady in particular Joan Cruise who has been bobbin lacing for 35-40 years or more, is moving house. Downsizing from her large home to a over 55's retirement village.  Doing the same craft for so long you accumulate a lot of stuff (I know and certainly not doing the same craft for so long).

Joan was selling off most of her stuff.  I said I would love to buy some of her bobbins. (Light weight for traveling).  So my friend Lorraine and I went to her place and she gave me (Yes - gave me, would not take an offer of money), all of these following items. Her only request was to put up this write up on my blog (which I would have done anyway).  I am so humble to be the receiver of all these wonderful craft items.  Thank you Joan from the bottom of my heart.

A bag to carry my round cushion, beautifully made.
 Joan made this some time ago, a bigger roll than mine, and more room for accessories.
 And closed.
 A bobbin holder, this I am already using regularly.

A bobbin winder, which Michael has oiled up and we have put this into storage, as it's really heavy.

 And several books, this one I have kept out as it had the best information i though for my travels. Even though it's a hard cover and a little heavy I think it is worth me having we me.
 These next books I have put into storage.

So who's the lucky ducky.......ME of course.


Now we are in Coffs Harbour and I have found a small group here to do bobbin lace and Dot is very happy to pass on her knowledge. 

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Classes at Nesting Needles - Coffs Harbour

I will be doing classes at this wonderful little shop in the heart of Coffs Harbour from October to January this year. Nesting Needles will be offering these classes - My Beetles, Wisteria, Cheerful Flutterings, Spring Blooms and the Hopper Grass.

I was hoping to post pictures, but this computer won't allow it.  So please go to my Tutorials page tab and see my work.


Catching up

Hi All,

Yes I am still here, sorry I have had a computer failure and for some reason Hubby's computer which using Windows 10 will not let me post any photo's.

Give me a couple of more weeks and hopefully all will be well.