Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Embroiderers Guild Forum Project Baggie

For this we received a bag of goodies from one of our forum friends and from the contents we are to make a postcard (to send back to the person who sent you the baggie) and something else from the rest of the baggie.
Here is the baggie I received from Julie.
Here is the postcard that I sent Julie, thanking her for my baggie

Here is what I have been making from my baggie:
I've made a book mark for my sister-in-law's 50th.

I am also making a magic needle case: Once I have finished I will do a tutorial on it as well.

I also made a traveling page for Elizbeth. It's A5 size (half A4)
The contents of the baggie I sent Kim are pictured below.

Here is the postcard I received from Kim, whom I sent my goodies to.

And here is the book cover that Kim made with her baggie.


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Anonymous said...

You have such a brilliant creative mind Arlene, all of them are amazing!!! Amazing colors!

Simply awesome!

Ann Flowers