Sunday, 25 August 2013

Autunm classes announced on Joggles

Classes for the Autumn Season.

Victorian Christmas Boot - November 7th

 This class has the added bonus of two different sorts of boot, one Crazy Patch and the other traditional colours and one fabric and one piece. The second book has stumpwork candles and silk ribbon wreath with bow.

 The other two bonus's with this class is the template for a Christmas ornament for your tree and the stumpwork Holly is a removable brooch.

The other class for the fall is my Beetle, yes again, he has now run non stop for 2 years, that's just amazing. Thank you to everyone who has already taken the class.


Sunday, 4 August 2013

"Blog Tour" and Embroidery APP Update - With Giveaway


Welcome to all you wonderful Blog tour people, and all those in Blogger land.
For those regular readers of mine you know my son and I are developing a FREE Embroidery APP.  We have had great progress over the last couple of months with it almost to a testing stage (actually we are just waiting on Apple).  It will initially be for IPhone first off, but we are developing it for Ipad and android devices straight after.  Here are some snap shots from the simulator of our progress, please let us know what you think.

This is our opening screen, still not so sure about the 'bookcase', and the plain white tabs, still developing this but the tabs work and that's the main thing.

The tabs show the four main sections of the app, the stitches, Free projects, paid projects (not in yet) and the Gallery.  You touch the stitches tab and it takes you to the stitches index.
It has taken my son a few months of 'coding' to get to this stage, with my contibution being all the embroidery, photographs, and of course doing the 'duplicate' coding. I have learnt so much about 'coding' I feel almost confident on adding a page myself, maybe not.....!!

Next step is to touch the arrow and it takes you to the next screen, which gives you instructions on how to do the stitch.

Each page is swiped from right to left or back to left and right.  When you are finished you just touch the 'back' tab at the top left of the screen. It will take you back to the list of stitches and then you hit the 'Arlene's Crafts' Tab in the same spot and it takes you back to the 'Bookcase'.


From the Bookcase we can travel into the 'Gallery'. This is some of my work and up coming 'paid and free' projects.   

We will be adding information regarding each project and if it's Free or paid.  
Touch on one to enlarge it.
Again you hit the 'Arlene's Crafts' Tab to take you back to the bookcase.

The 'Free Projects' tab is for any Free projects that we put on the app, which we will update regularly.  On the initial release we will have the 3D butterfly as a free project.
Again you just touch the arrow and it will take you into the project.

 It will give you step by step instructions.  The text at the bottom of each photograph scrolls to allow more instruction to be there.  Each page is numbered and we hope to add links to this section so if you need to review a stitch, it will take you there.
I am still deciding on what "Paid' projects to put in, but my beetle just might be one of them.

So what do you think?  Do you like it so far, would you like to help us test it.  Initially it will only be for IPhone users, but we hope by the end of the year to have on Ipad's and Android devises.

To celebrate this great achievement so far and the promotion of the 'Blog Tour' I have a gift pack of goodies to give away, and will post to anywhere in the world. The pack contains 2 fat quarters in blue, 100% cotton, 1 skein of DMC Perle 5 #809 blue thread, 1 m roll 9mm Francheville Blue polyester ribbon, 1 skein DMC Variegated Broder cotton #113, 2 blue/white frangipani button, 2 large and 2 small blue buttons, and 4 assorted silver charms.

So to join in, leave a comment with your name, and if you want to help me test this app (not a condition of entry). Entry will be open until end of the 'Blog Tour' which is 31st August.