Saturday, 20 July 2013

Creative Crafting Blog Tour - want to join in.....???

This Summer we will be boarding The Crafty Bus and taking readers on a magical mystery tour of everything creative!
What does this have to do with me I hear you say! Well …

A bus tour needs stops! And we don’t just have bus stops, we have BLOG STOPS!
Join us as a stop for this event and lay on something special for your guests when they arrive. You will know which day we are all coming so don’t worry we won’t turn up and catch you in your pj’s! If you are super keen you can even schedule your post ready to welcome everyone without you even having to be there.
It is up to you what you do,
  • A giveaway
  • A competition
  • A project
  • An interesting feature
  • A funny story
Don’t forget that the more interesting your item is, the more likely the visitors are to return to your blog over and over again.
So have a think and look out for more information on how to grab your stop spot!

If you would like your blog to be one of our stops email us at  
Please put BLOG TOURS in the subject box so that we can spot it easily.
Your email MUST include a link to your blog so that we can check content. It would also be useful if you could give us an idea of ideas you have for your visitors when they stop by one the day.
We will review your blog and then send you further instructions for taking part.
See you soon!

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Winners at the 2013 Townsville Show

The champions from each sections are:

Knitting: Sponsored by Bendigo Woollen Mills - Heather Lamont


Crochet: Sponosored by Anne-marie Hair Salon - Wendy Harvey


Hand Embroidery and Needlework: sponsored by Ray and Linda Gartrell -  Wilma Brookhouse


Cross stitch and Tapestry: Sponsored by Cando books
Supreme Champion – Sponsored  the Townsville Show - Judith Nutt

Patchwork and quilting, which have two awards - Best piece of patchwork and quilting: Sponsored by Quilters Blessing Patchwork - Keryn Hall


And champion quilt: Sponosored by Fibers and Fabrics -  Alison Garret


Machine Sewing: also sponosed by Quilters blessing patchwork - Kay Lowe


Champion doll: Sponosored by Tropical Topsie Dolls Club – Beryl Bull


Fabric base crafts: Sponosed also by Quilters Blessing Patchwork - Veronica Sand


Non fabric based crafts: sponosored by Ray and Linda Gartrell - Lyn Newman

Special needs Person: sponsored by Complete Tag Solutions - Cheryl Gray

Persons over 65:  Sponsored by Quilters Blessing Patchwork - Pat Skvarc


Secondary school children: Quilters Blessing patchwork - McKenzie Hilditch

Secondary Encouragement award –Sponsored by Complete Tag Solutons And Jenni Stewart-  Ebonie Crane (St Margaret Mary’s College Student) 

Primary school children: Sponsored by Complete Tag Solutions and Jenni Stewart – Taylor Stafford

Primary encouragement award: Sponsored by Fibers and Fabrics  – Kesley Krueger


Champion Primary boy: Sponosored by CinShei Designs in memory of their grandson Mason -  Clinton Zonneveld

Our special awards are:

The Esma Squire Encougement Award, sponsored by QCWA, Townsville - winner Rachel McGuinness

Trevor and Jean Grover Perpetual Trophy - Innovation Award – Sponsored by Sunlit Blooms Sewing – Arlene White (yes me)....

Aggregate champion  – Sponsored by Sunlit Blooms Sewing – Jenni Stewart
Jenni is being presented with her $500 voucher from Diann, Sunlit Blooms Sewing.

Congratulations to all the winners

A BIG THANK YOU to all our wonderful sponsors:
Everest Designs, The Quilters Blessings Patchwork, Kimono quilts, NQ Fabrics Buttons and bows, Colleen Gleeson, Complete Tag Solutions, A Bear Affair, Anne-Maries Hair Salon, AZZA scrapbooking, A Craft Affair, the Bead Shack, BnD Quality Picture Framing, Supreme Picture framing, Bottlebrush Lane, Townsville Hatters, Fibers and Fabrics, Councillor Ray Gartrell and his wife Linda. Marci’s Quilting, Echinda Embroidery, The Tropical Topsie Dolls Club, Just Country Crafts, Hillbilly Craft Store, CinShei Designs, Cardz byou, Can do Books, Bendigo Woollen Mill, Jenni Stewart and The QCWA.

I have had a few people say to me I’ve done a fantastic job, thank you, but I could not do half this job as well without the great support and help from these fantastic women and gentlemen, so a huge thank you to my team of helpers: 
Helga Lee, Leisa and Amanda Everest, Kerin Griffiths, Keryn Hall, Judy Parsons, Ray Part, Pat Skvarc, Jean Grove, Jean Nicholson, Mavis Bunting, Shirley Boyd, Rachel McGuiness, Bev Roy, Daphne Higginson, Connie Peeters, Heather and Tony Lamont and some new comers, our Fibres and Fabrics ladies Veronica, Lyn, and Helen and I know I’m going to miss some, so thank you so very much. Also to Bev Gunton who takes a permanent record of our exhibition.