Sunday, 29 July 2012

Round Robin Progress

I have finally finished my work on two blocks for Kathy Shaw. Kathy was so
kind to allow me to hold them longer so that I could get others work out of the
way before I completed hers. Unfortunately there wasn't a lot of room on either
block for me to work with, so I did two motifs for her.

For the Butterflies and Dragonflies, I created a silver and goldwork butterfly
based on her own design.

I added several buttonhole butterflies in some of the
spaces and butterfly buttons beneath my motif. There was no more room really to
do any seams.

For the Lace and pearls one, again there were only smallish seams left and only
one place for a motif. So I added lace butterflies here and there and added
twilled ribbon and pearls onto of a lace motif in the corner. Two seams near the
basket of flowers.

I've also been working on some blocks for Southern Cross Crazies, my Xmas cracker swap block and our current round robin.
This is the Christmas cracker block, still to embellish, with silver, blue and white, and a silver beetle.

And this is my block for the RR, we get to choose our own theme, so I chose Christmas. in the silvers, white and blues.

And lastly the first part of my stocking for Lyn's Stocking swap.

Friday, 27 July 2012

The 2012 Lions Stocking Swap

Wanna join in on a Christmas stocking swap, this will be my fifth year - wow the time is flying.  This years theme I got to choose, so 'Silver' is the theme.  Go to Lyn's site for more details and how to join.
This was the stunning one I got from Lyn herself last year.


Monday, 23 July 2012

I've been sewing - lots of silver and blue

Well it was time to get the sewing machine out again, for several reasons.

1. my 5 fans for the CQJP to finished my tree skirt. (now sewn and ready to embellish)
no picture as their the same as the other 5.

2. Block for Southern Cross Crazies round robin - (Blue and silver Christmas theme)

3. Cracker block for Southern Cross Crazies Christmas cracker swap - Same colours as above, amazing what a bit of sunshine does to a photograph.

4. Stocking for Stocking swap with Lyn G  (little more to add yet).

5. Ornament for Orny swap with Lisa D (will make tomorrow).


Saturday, 21 July 2012

3D Butterfly - The winner is

The lucky number is 21 That's Suztats

Congratuations Suztats, can you email me with your addy please.

Thank you everyone for entering, I wish I have 83 to give away.....