Wednesday, 15 June 2016

New Update is here........

Hi All,  Well the new update for our Embroidery App is now in the store. We are eager for you to download this update and receive your feedback. Click the iTunes link on the left.
One of the new Free projects in the update is to create these Embroidered Bookmarks that compliment the Book Cover project.
  The Projects use many of the new stitches in the update.
 One of those new stitches is Cast-on Stitch.
A personal favourite of mine, Palestrina Stitch is also in the new update.
We've added a few other features too. A search function within the Stitches list, so you can jump straight to that stitch you need.

We've added some more useful items, with a few more planned for the new apps and future app updates.

We haven't forgotten the Android users either.  Chris is working very hard to get it finished, there is a lot more coding involved in Android apps, where Apple has most of the coding done for you. 

These apps still take 100's of hours to create, with this in mind, please consider a purchase copy, which is now available without the ads.

Looking forward to your feedback on this new update, please share to get the word out.


Sunday, 5 June 2016

Apple App Version 2 update

Well it's almost there. Do you like our new flash and bright logo.

The new update has been downloaded to Apple for them to review so we can begin testing, which should only take a few days, testers are standing by.  Then we can submit for approval. Hopefully only a week or so to go.

Yes Chris is hard working on the Android, and hopefully it won't be too far away from testing either.

I have already started working on our new new project - Silk Ribbon Embroidery App. Hopefully it will be released later this year.  There is a lot of work involved in these, so I do hope you support us by buying a 'Ad Free Version'.