Friday, 26 June 2015

Gift for MIL - finished

A couple of months ago (already), I went to a class in Laurieton NSW, to learn to create fabric 3D flowers.  With the lessons learned I went head on into a project for Michael's mum.  She's just finished repainting the interior of her home and it's a lovely soft mauve.  I decided she needed a centre piece for her lounge wall.  Here is my finished project to give to her in a few weeks. Hubby is still to make the hanger, but my work is done.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Enjoying the Central Coast, NSW

Well, our house sit at Bateau Bay came to a quick end, with the son of the owner wishing to move back home due to issues with this wife's family. So we quickly found a new house sit and are presently at Holmesville, just west of Newcastle.  We are house sitting the house of course and Zacky, a lovely black and white cat. We have become good friends and we share the sun room when it's sunny.

I've been busy working on a couple of courses with Kathy Shaw, Dying and Embellishing with Threads. If you get the chance to do these courses (they are FREE), even as a refresher, they are well worth it. Here is some of my work.
First the Dying course, this is good fun, and as you can see I had wonderful weather for drying.

 Embellishing with threads, seam treatments.
 Trees, veins and spiders

 Enhancing motif's

 Monogrames, which we all don't do enough of.

I have found a few craft groups here, one embroidery, one quilting and one bobbin lace, pity we are only here for 7 weeks.

We have also done some more sight seeing around Newcastle.

 Michael steading himself on the sign to see if there are any humpback whales passing. The radio said there were a few sighted that morning.

 Michael on the Memorial Walkway, opened for ANZAC centenary.

And now to some other news. Son has decided to make a trip to the USA, for how long we're not sure as he's taking Ally (his Labrador) and Tatum (Rachel's cat) with them. So we have to go back up to Brisbane, pick up and pack up our gear he was using and store in our container.  We also have to pick up Rosey.  Thankfully Michael's mum will look after her whilst we are in Coffs Harbour (our next housesit) as the house has no fence. After that we're possibly going to have her travel with us.  Chris has had the dogs on strict diets and exercise, Rosey is now almost down to 11kg and Ally is about to tip below 30kg.  Here's the latest picture of them both.

Well that's about it for the moment, catch you next time.