Friday, 26 June 2015

Gift for MIL - finished

A couple of months ago (already), I went to a class in Laurieton NSW, to learn to create fabric 3D flowers.  With the lessons learned I went head on into a project for Michael's mum.  She's just finished repainting the interior of her home and it's a lovely soft mauve.  I decided she needed a centre piece for her lounge wall.  Here is my finished project to give to her in a few weeks. Hubby is still to make the hanger, but my work is done.


margaret said...

Arlene this is absolutely gorgeous such beautiful hydrangeas I know this is going to be well loved and admired by all who see it

Julie said...

Stunning work as always Arlene, it's lovely to keep up to date with my old EG forum friends.