Thursday, 26 January 2012


To all my fellow Australian's where ever you are in the wide world of ours...

Happy Australia Day.


Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Angel Work for CQI

Angel work has finally happened for me, I have been an Angel for CQI for a year or so now, but have not had  to pull on my hallow and help out.   What is an Angel - well we are the ones that step in to take over a stitcher or stitchers in the Round Robin to help out. Occasionally unforeseen circumstances get in the way of us completing a Round Robin, and so Angels step in.
But all of a sudden, and I really don't mind, I got three all at once.  They are beautiful block sets, Winter and Angel (appropriately named), and so I got to work and finish them off as soon as I could, as they have already been held up long enough, due to family crisis's with the stitchers involved.

So here are the blocks I worked on.  First is the winter DYOB, this was from Wendy's set.
And Wendy's Angel DYOB set
And Cathy's Angel DYOB set
I hope the ladies like the work I have stepped in to do.


Monday, 23 January 2012

CQ Newbies - challenge - Celebrate life - first 3 weeks

A simple challenge to start the year off. One of the many groups I'm a member of on the Yahoo site is CQ for Newbies. They are currently running a challenge, and since I received a naked block for Christmas, it was easy to start.
The guidelines were: Each participant will piece a block with any theme of her choice. Although the overall theme is Celebrate Life!, you may choose to honor someone close to you, a particular special moment in your life or a series of Life’s moments that hold deep meaning to you. Or just have fun with your block. The sky’s the limit! Blocks must be a minimum of 8” in size when finished (8 ½” unfinished with seam allowances), but may be larger if desired. Every week for 6 weeks, participants will be given a special challenge stitch which must be incorporated into their block. The weekly stitch challenge will have 2 components: a basic stitch which beginner or less experienced stitchers might like to try, as well as a second stitch intended for more advanced stitchers. Either stitch could easily be incorporated into an embellished seam treatment suitable for your block’s theme. Everyone is encouraged to try the stitches no matter what their level of expertise. In addition to the weekly stitch challenges, there will also be some required elements which must be included on your block such as a fan or appliqued piece. After completing the weekly stitch challenges over 6 weeks, each person will have an additional 3 weeks to finish their block and post pictures no later than March 10, 2012.
Here is my naked block, a gift from last years Christmas cracker swap on CQI.
The first week was outline and stem stitch.
Second week was buttonhole and the advance part was cup wheel
And this week is cast-on and double cast-on.

It was fun learning this last stitch, as I've always wanted to do it, but hadn't got round to learning it.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Thank you

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has posted a comment here, Stitchin Fingers or one of the many yahoo groups I am a member off.  Your kind comments are all greatly appreciated and I just want you all to know.

So thanks


Monday, 16 January 2012

My latest project - Challenge for Fibers and Fabrics - Finished

Well I can't believe that for the last four days all I have done is stitch on this project.  I'm extremely lucky I have a hubby very aware of my craft and as he had a 'nothing to do weekend' allowed me to just stitch, stitch and stitch, and so he cooked breakfast and dinner over the weekend, boy oh boy am I lucky.

So here is what is now finished, my finished project is actually a fabric book to hold my ATC's that I have from the Embroiderers Guild of UK seasons swap from 2009. It's a full set, so I wanted something special to put them in.
So to get to the end of this project, leaves were the last element to be added. These were done with water soluble fabric and wired buttonhole leaves.  There stems were plunged to the other side and secured. There were three of them made, two large and one small.  This is the piece with all the embroidery finished.

 Wrapping it around the cover was quite a challenge, as I had to bend the wire so that would wrap the like a book cover.
This is the inside, laced, I then added the inner lining.
I then went to the pages that I had removed and started pulling apart the signatures.
I knew what I was going to use my book for, and so the pages had to be able to hold the cards, I had thought of pockets to hold them, but thought, no, they may slip out, with them attached with thread, I could turn them to see who had made the wonderful little piece of artwork.

 So with that in mind I covered the signatures with Aida cloth of various colours and counts, then attached them to the binding that would hold them to the cover.

And so here is the finished piece, with empty pages showing.

And the inside showing off the lovely ATC's that are a wonderful keepsake from my time in the UK (in this photo their only pinned in, but most have now been stitched in).
And a tie to hold it closed when not on display.
Thank you for following my journey for this project challenge, I appreciate all the comments that have been left and Denise promoting it on her site.


Saturday, 14 January 2012

My latest project - Challenge for Fibers and Fabrics part 2

I have been busy working on this, and have finished some more elements.  I've finished my Beetle, the Gecko and some grass.  I want to add more grass and some leaves, but will work on them later.

Here is the piece so far.
And so closeups:
 A beetle
 The Gecko
and woven picot grass.


Friday, 13 January 2012

My latest project - Challenge for Fibers and Fabrics

Fibers and Fabrics my craft group that I am a member of here in Townsville has a challenge each year.  Late last year we were given an object and from it we were to transform it into something else.

The object was a tax book.

It measures 4cm x 25cm x 15cm (1.5x10x6 inches), and heavy.

My first step was to gut it:

Then I decided what I was going to do, so I got to stitching...... and stitched and stitched and stitched for 8 hours straight, as this was my efforts after 8 hours work:
There are seven pieces of wrapped wire, in four colours, one grey brown, two silver grey, two brown and two dark brown. 
This is more the true colours, more green than blue.  So I placed the seven pieces of wire in the middle of the material just so see how it looked.

I then got to work stitching the background of the tree, padded raised chain band and detached buttonhole and chain stitch.  This took me a good part of 6 hours of stitching.
So here is what it looks like so far, wrapped around the book cover.
There are more elements to make, a beetle, surface embroidered and beaded gecko, some detached leaves and grass.
I think Rosey enjoyed the day, sleeping in the conditioning, as it was a very hot day yesterday.
So what do you think so far........

Friday, 6 January 2012

I've been making blocks

I have a few Round Robins coming up shortly, so the last couple of days I have been making CQ blocks for these Round Robins.

A lovely blue one for the Butterfly and Dragonfly's (we need one more person to sign up before it starts).
The second round robin is the Peals and lace, this one I made a lovely mauve pink colours.
The story with this bock is that I started making it late in the evening and I hadn't checked the temp on the iron, and so I burnt the center piece, so the girls in this round robin will have to cover my burn mark.
This block is the same as the six smaller blocks that will be for the Fool's Gold Round Robin I'm in with Gerry.  Gerry and I have been waiting nearly two years for a goldwork round robin to start.

I have started designing my own blocks now, as I don't like the flip and sew method, I prefer to use templates and patterns, so I've made more patterns for more blocks and have started making some 8 x 5  and 6 x 4 blocks too. These are for an up coming workshop.
Here is my first sample:
I think I might use this one to cover my new E-Reader.


TAST week 1 - Fly stitch

I will try and stick with this one this time, I had tried doing it previously but fell short, couldn't keep up, too many other commitments.

My first week attempt was fly stitch on a needle case that I'm making for a swap, it's not finished yet, so hopefully next weeks stitch will help.
This first photograph is the whole front of the case, the second is the section of fly stitch.


Monday, 2 January 2012

CQJP 2012 - Janaury work

Well to start the year off here is my first block for this project. To refresh you memory I'm making a tree skirt for my Christmas tree. I have always wanted an elorborty embellished one, and so I can go wild on my own.  Here is the first block and closeups. I may add a bit more to each block as I go along, but I still need to leave room for sewing together.

 And some closeups:
First the Beaded gathered chiffon bow

Double Chevron stitch with beaded and flower sequin centers. Two Christmas wreath charms, these I picked up from the cheap shop, they were a pair of earrings, they worked wonderfully.

And the other side of the fan is Cretan stitch with beaded extensions.
At the bottom you can see the lovely ribbed braid I picked up from a recent trip to the Sunny Gold Coast, wished I had of bought more, it's works so beautifully.

My sister in law wants one of these skirts for her tree, so I might be making more than one this year.