Saturday, 20 November 2010

Oz Postcard swap with Embroiderers Guild Forum Ladies

I suggested to my Craft group - Fibers and Fabrics if they would like to do a postcard swap with the lovely ladies on the Embroiderers Guild Internet Forum.  They said yes, and I got 14 ladies interested in swapping. Unfortunately only 9 ladies on the Forum said yes, so thankfully a couple of the ladies from the Forum made a couple more.  Here are the first ones that are being swapped, I will post again each week until they all arrive at their destinations across the globe.

This one I sent to Isabelle, it's of Townsville, across Cleveland bay towards Castle Hill and the City of Townsville from Palleranda (a northern suburb of Townsville).


These three above are ones that Isabelle sent over here to Linda, , Anne and I

These two above are from Kim, there going to Annette and Sue

This love rose is from Maud to Karen, Karen's family was from Lancashire - how coincidental

Jane's lovely English Garden went to Beryl

 These two are from Julie, Margaret and Nita will be the lucky owners of these two.
This wonderful work of art is from Jo in the Orkney's, Faith will be so happy to receive this one.
And last for this post are Grace's lovely cards, Debbie and Kathy will both love these.

There will be more to post as they arrive.

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Carol said...

Fantastic collection of postcards!