Sunday, 24 April 2016

Southern Cross Crazies 2016 Round Robin

As I've been ill the last couple of weeks (didn't want to sneeze all over Claire's stunning blocks) and working on the App update, I've spent today working on her blocks. I hadn't realised I should have left room on the pin keep the next person, so I've left the Scissor Keep for them to complete. Thankfully there are only three of us in this RR, so only one more to stitch.
 The needle Book
 The pin Keep

Monday, 18 April 2016

Having trouble finding our App.

Your on your iPad and your looking for our App.  Just follow the next few steps and you'll be downloading in no time.

Step one:  Open up the App store icon.
Step two: Type in the search box - Arlene's Crafts

Step three:  This is what you will get. No worries as the App is in the store. Just follow the next two steps.

 Step four: on the left of the screen you will see a heading. Click on the 'iPad Only' icon. This drop down menu will appear. Click iPhone Only.

Step five: Once you have clicked it, our App will appear. In this photo below it says 'Open', that's because I already have it downloaded on my iPhone and iPad. If you've already downloaded it to your iPhone, you will receive a 'DOWNLOAD' icon.

If not already downloaded you will get a green button that says "GET". Click "GET". The button will then change to 'Download'. You will need to put in your password to the App Store. Click download.  Once it is downloaded it will appear the same as in this photograph.  Click Open. 

Your next screen will be the opening page of the App.

Once you've had a play, please go back to the App store and leave feedback. It will help us enormously.


Sunday, 17 April 2016

Embroidery App update

Time to re-look at the Embroidery App.

Chris and I are both working hard on an update to the Apple Version of our Embroidery App. Chris is also working on the Android version too, (I'm sure a lot of you will be pleased with that) and we are also going to release a new App (we hope at the same time as the update). There will be more details in the coming weeks.

Some of the new stitches in the upcoming update: Coral Stitch, Pistil Stitch, along with Honeycomb Stitch and Plaited Braid Stitch.  There are a few more, but we'll keep them as a surprise in all 13 new stitches.

There will be a couple of more FREE projects also.

I will be looking for tester's so just leave a comment below if you'd like to help out.