Saturday, 28 December 2013

Can we hit 500 Downloads????

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, we did.

Can we hit 500 downloads before the end of 2013.... we are only 15 short......

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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Christmas Stitching and swaps catchup.

Now that school is finished I have had more time on my hands, so I have had time to finish off some stitching.  I have made my hubby's mum a reversible bag.

My son has a lady friend who is coming to lunch Christmas day.  So that she didn't feel left out I made her a stocking.  I think she will like it, I did ask for some input about what colour etc.

This is the full view.

 Close  up of the candle, and the heal.

 The toe, her name is Rachel, so it makes it personalised for her.
The button trail at the top.

I was in the Lion's stocking swap again this year, here is the one I sent: (without the holly brooch).

This is what I received in return, I received one of Lyn's, the rich red and blue roses are amazing. A lovely notepad and a length of tatted lace.

For the Southern Cross Crazies Swap I also received my cracker which was made by Viv, absolutely stunning.

Lastly for the Fat Quarter swap Xmas gift, for Maureen I sent a needle case purse with needles and a pair of fairy scissors.

These lovely gifts I received in return.

A lovely pink purse and wonderful Christmas bag with pouch.

Lastly I was presently surprised by this gift. Eva and Alison pinched some of my completed CQ Blocks. Four of these blocks from a Round Robin I completed some time ago were made into a stunning cushion.  Summer DYOB - 2009, the blocks were embellished by Karrin H,  Rita C, Rebbeca B and Lyn G. There are still two more blocks, but they are being made into something else I believe. 

I have such wonderful friends. Have a very stitchery Christmas my friends.....

Here's to a prosperous 2014.

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Monday, 16 December 2013

Sunday, 15 December 2013

I'm moving..... rooms at least

Well after much deliberation (on my hubby's part), he has finally relented and has decided where not going to move houses, he's moving me instead, (cheaper option).

So the last couple of weeks we have been building a carport, we have to shift my car out of the garage first. Then shift everything that was on his side of the garage to the vacant area my car has left. Then put down the floor coverings.
We will hopefully be getting a glass sliding door in the place where the garage roller door is, just waiting on the supplier for this. It may not be installed until mid January.
Next Michael got to cutting out a doorway between this room and the spare room.  Messy job and yes for those who might be asking we did get a small part of the wall tested for asbestos, thankfully all clear.
Whilst he was doing this job, I got busy shifting some of the shelving from my room into here.
Once the doorway is cut, we're now just waiting for the carpenter to build the wall and finish of the doorway.  The open doorway makes a huge difference. This first photo is looking from my 'new' office into the 'studio'
 From the studio into my office.
 Further back in the garage looking towards the 'office'.  Soon there will be a wall here, so I wanted to get a pic before that happens.
 This one is looking back towards the garage door again, now with everything in place. Even the air conditioner is ready for action. The room will be much more bright once the glass door is installed.
Now back to creating...... just a quick note, new Joggles classes are out tomorrow, so watch this space in a day or so, or go visit my classes page or Joggles.

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Saturday, 7 December 2013

CQJP 2013 - Block 5 and catch up

It is so hard to believe that it's now December and Christmas is only a couple of weeks away.  School has only a week to go and their closed for the Summer, well, what shall I do in the meantime?, loads in fact.  First off I want to finish my 6th Block for CQJP, I have finally completed no 5, and here she is.
Block 5 without the Ornament:

When you add this ornament, 

5 Gold rings becomes more clear.

So we now have the first 5 blocks completed, 

in fact 1 and 2/3 panels are now complete.

Now working on Block 6 - 6 geese a laying.....

I have also finished my cracker for the Southern Cross Crazies Xmas cracker swap.
Plus I've also done some other embroidery, but I can't show them right now, but stay tuned, January will reveal give you a hint, there are Australian Animals, Flowers and sea life involved.

Also been cleaning up, as I am getting a studio too soon.... hope to be in by Christmas..... The new carport is up, and the garage is now tidied ready for the partition wall to go in, then the wall into the spare room gets 'holey' and were in.....

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