Saturday, 24 November 2012

Yippeeeeee, it's finally completed - the big reveal - CQJP 2012 - Christmas Tree Skirt

Well G'day everyone.

Yes, I have finally finished my beautiful Christmas Tree skirt, and Yes, before Christmas 2012, and do you think I am happy with the result, I'm over the moon, I am thrilled it turned out so well.  So here are my last few steps for completion.

The last post on the skirt I had it basted, and ready for the blocks to be added after I had done some hand quilting.  The quilting was done, very little mind you, it really didn't need it. Then the blocks went on and the 12 meters of braid placed, pin and hand stitched down, and each block was finished with a button on the loop join, and the red trim on each block had gold feather stitch added.
I then pinned the rest of the gold trim and started stitching it all down, two days later......
What a job, my fingers are aching....
The I cut of the extra wadding, and the red background, pulled out most of the basting (except around the opening). Turned it over and hem stitched the rim down.
Cut the slit for the opening, hemmed it also and then added the Merry Christmas buttons.

So what do you think??????
She's now under the undecorated tree (will do that next weekend).
Thank you everyone for following my journey this year with this project, I'm just thrilled it's finished and under the tree.  Watch this space, I am seriously thinking of publishing a book with the construction of this wonderful project.
A few stastic's for you regarding this project: 12 months in the making, 165 -170 hours of work, all hand stitched except for adding the rim to the black skirt, and the construction of the 10 fan block bases and red edge on each. Each fan block averaged between 6 - 10 hours of embroidery, gold work and stumpwork.  12 meters of gold braid to finish skirt, and 4 rolls of red, and black sewing cotton. Along with 20 charms, beads, gold braid, and at least 12 gold buttons, and several meters of silk and satin ribbon. And lastly 3 Santa's helpers to do the basting of the skirt, Lyn, Barb and Diane, again all hand stitched. Almost forgot Carol, who supplied permanently the batting for the skirt (thanks Carol).

I hope you follow my next years project, a '12 days of Xmas' wall hanging.


Friday, 16 November 2012

Fibres and Fabrics Embroidery Group Xmas lunch

We did our annual swap of Xmas decoration, this year was a specific shape, but your choice of embroidery, here are the six that were swapped. Clockwise starting top red one: Joan R, Judy S, Barb H, Arlene W, Lyn H, and Suzanne C.

Had a wonderful day at Jessica's, eating and sharing past lunches.  Here we all are

L-R, Joan R, Judy S, Suzanne C, Barb N, Lyn H, and Jessica W., and off course (me, taking the picture).

We have set our decoration for next year’s luncheon, it will be an Angel, and I will have patterns for her during the next few weeks. The top of our Angel can be any embroidery technique you wish, but her skirt is to be beaded.

The one on the right is one I made several years ago, and the one on the left is one I just made, she's a 'stumpwork Angle'.
We also set a swap for Fibers' members next year, so to find out, become a member and join in.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Registration open for CQJP2013

Registration is now open until December 12th. CQJP 2013

if you enjoyed following my journey with my Xmas tree shirt blocks and would like to make something similar and want the motivation to do it, I would highly recommend joining, if it wasn't for this project, it would not have been made.

My 2013 project will be an advent wall hanging, here is a glimpse at month 1, drawing only.
Each number will be in goldwork, along with some other bits and pieces, the pear tree and pears will be surface embroidery and the partridge in stumpwork.  There off course will be 12, still need to draw the other 11.


Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Inspirations is now Digitial

G'day all,

My most favorite magazine has finally and thankfully gone digital.  You can buy your copy here, I'm so excited it's just the best. I was so disappointed last year when they took the magazine out of the shops and buy only subscription, now I can buy any issue after this one when I want.

Go Country Bumpkins.......

Issue 76
 And the best thing is that my android fits in my sewing box better than the original magazine did, so now I can take several issues with me...... Yippeeeee....... I am so excited by this.......

p.s. I was not asked to post this by anyone, I just love the mag and want to share......

Monday, 5 November 2012

Latest work

I've been busy working on my examples for an upcoming class on Joggles.  The title of the class is 'Doris' and is scheduled for the 4th December. The class is based on a photograph of my mother.  This first photograph is the original piece that the class is based.

Here is the final piece that will be part of the text. Some references to the original piece will be included in the text. The reason for this is because I forgot to take photographs putting her together originally.