Sunday, 27 March 2011

Another Round Robin - Floral#1- Traditional Round Robin - Debbie's block

The other round robin I'm doing is the floral one.  I love doing flowers and the colours of this block are just me. I loved working on this one, just a little more than some others, it was just a joy to work on.
All the work here is my work, except for the crochet doily at the bottom, that was already there. I have left it for someone else to enhance.
My work consisted of the lace flower motif at the top, followed by the cream and gold button trail and beads. The cream braid cutting across the centre.  A butterfly charm and a seam of detached buttonhole flowers and beads.  The flower beaded seam and leaves, and my favourite part of the block the Fuchsias.

Here are the closeups of my work. The flower motif.
The butterfly charm, seam and part of the button trail.
The Button and bead trail
Beaded flower and leaf seam, with the Fuchsia's below.
Side on view of the fuchsia's.
Debbie I really enjoyed working on this block, I could have done far more, I will just have to make one up with these colours.

Lucurious Lace DYOB - Peggies

My latest two round robins are in full swing. This is the Lucurious lace Do Your Own block.  I received Peggie's just the other day and though I had best get down now, or I could get behind.  I was sick last week, so this was a good chance to just sit, relax and stitch.

I added a white flower lace motif, little lace flowers in the centre, and a crotchet flower that I got in a squishy.  I gathered some lace for the flower in the corner, detached buttonhole flowers with beads and a vein of flower beads.  Added a chevron and detached buttonhole flowers and then above it is beaded lace braid.  I added and gathered some lace to meandering along the area above, added a seam of herringbone and another lace flower.  Here are some close ups.
This is the flower bead vein.
Gathered meandering lace, pearl and lace braid and little lace flower.

Little Lace flowers and the white motif in the background.

Monday, 21 March 2011

English Garden Round Robin - last block

Well we've come to the last of this round robin, can't wait to see my blocks home, but in the mean time, I have finished my work on Ingrid's block.
close ups of my work
First a block is not complete without a lucky spider
And a Silk Ribbon butterfly

Bead enhanced middles for the flowers in the centre of the block and a dragonfly charm.

A silk ribbon rose vein

And daisy's in a row. 

A lovely hand dyed motif supplied by Kathy Shaw, a gift I received from her.


Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Basically Beaded Round Robin

It's been a while since my last post, just been busy with Scouting more than stitching.

I have completed my work on the last block of this round robin.  There was a fair amount of room left on this block (a first), and so I was having trouble working out where I wanted to work.  I still have not covered it all, I have left a couple of areas for Diane to do some of her own work. Here are some close ups of my work.

This was a pendant I had as a teenager, it thought it would look perfect here.

Crossed rows of Herringbone, with sequins and crystals, with clear beaded flowers and large flowers made from leaf beads.

Row of heart beads and crystal with seed beads. Tear drops and crystals as a row of flowers.

Three little heart clusters and bright rick rack along the seam.
I also received in the mail my block, thank you to Diane, Kathy, Meg and Peggy for your beautiful work.