Sunday, 27 March 2011

Lucurious Lace DYOB - Peggies

My latest two round robins are in full swing. This is the Lucurious lace Do Your Own block.  I received Peggie's just the other day and though I had best get down now, or I could get behind.  I was sick last week, so this was a good chance to just sit, relax and stitch.

I added a white flower lace motif, little lace flowers in the centre, and a crotchet flower that I got in a squishy.  I gathered some lace for the flower in the corner, detached buttonhole flowers with beads and a vein of flower beads.  Added a chevron and detached buttonhole flowers and then above it is beaded lace braid.  I added and gathered some lace to meandering along the area above, added a seam of herringbone and another lace flower.  Here are some close ups.
This is the flower bead vein.
Gathered meandering lace, pearl and lace braid and little lace flower.

Little Lace flowers and the white motif in the background.

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kerrykatiecakes2 said...

Just darling! What a sweet block and everything you have done enhances it! Hope you are feeling better now!