Sunday, 10 March 2013

Belated Christmas wish list item

At Christmas time we have a tradition in our small family to put a list on the fridge for what we would like for Christmas instead of trying to find out what each would like.  Some things are really outrageous, and we don't always get what's on the list, we not exactly, like one year Darling Son (was 18 at the time) put a Ferrari on there, so we bought him a matchbox Ferrari, he didn't specify what size.... anyway I digress.  One of my wishes was a craft room makeover.... outrageous I know, but, I was hoping it was going to happen whilst I was away at the Scout Jamboree, in hind sight (great thing that hind sight), I'm glad it didn't.  The shifting, sorting of stuff, destashing some items etc, was just something I wouldn't want to leave to my boys....  Now it came about by hubby drowning his phone on Norfolk Island, and wanting a lawn mower that mulches.... You see he bought these two new items, using the money I had saved in our PayPal account for my new cupboards, well, I let hubby know this and he said I could just go and use the credit card instead..... well, I did.... and here is my new craft room makeover, one week later... sore back, knee's, legs, anything that bends.....
 Inspirations, and Cross-stitch and Embroidery Magazines and my beads in the corner, new white clear door cupboard for the rest of my books and magazines.
 The nic nac cupboard, items that wouldn't fit in the other cupboard, like finished items, my 'gold' supplies and felt box. The coloured drawers are now in the other spare room also, it's got all my scrap booking stuff in it.
These tall boys house all my fabric, except for my linens and aida cloths, there still in another draw in the other spare room. The lovely wood grain drawers are my threads (I got that for last Christmas), and the small bookshelf beside this has all my Crazy quilting books and stitch dictionaries.
I also changed my desk to a smaller one, less chance to clutter as much, but still have the built in cupboard to sort....

I first need to find a home for my post stamp collection, which is lining the back of that top shelf, I've collected since a teenager.

So what do you think, I'm spoiled, yes I know, and I let him know how much I like my new room.