Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The weekend - mango's and christmas party's

Christmas party's, mango picking, thinking about Christmas.......

I love this time of year, not because it's Christmas, but because MANGO's are in season.....  yummy....... and these are all ours to eat.... Reds, Bowens and some kind of banana shape ones too.

We also had a couple of Xmas party's, one was scouts, and the other was with Michael's yoga club, the trainers are off to India to teach.  It was fancy dress and so is Michael and I

and the trainers
Troy made his costume, he did a great job....


Sunday, 20 November 2011

Basically Beaded DYOB - my work on Katy's blocks

Well time is flying, I have so much to do between now and Christmas, I hope I can get it all done. One of my tasks was to complete my work on Katy's Basically Beaded DYO Blocks. I choose the one that was more maroon pink colour tonings, just cried out to be embellished with flowers.
Here is the full block followed by closeups of the the embellishments.

 I picked up this lovely waterlily beaded piece at our local Craft fair earlier this year, and though it would be perfect laid on the velvet.
 Beaded dragonfly with heart beads and pearl frosted tear drop beads
 Laid ribbon bow and fimo roses, in a stunning deep maroon colour.
Hand dyed rose lace motif, with three small beads for the flower centre.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Crazy Quilting Journal Project 2012 - part 1

So what am I making for this year long project, well I'm far more organized that I thought I would be, here is the construction of some of my blocks:

My year long project is going to be a tree skirt for my Xmas tree.  I have always wanted one, and making one in CQ is just the thing.  I was originally signed up in a round robin for one, but due to my new work commitments I had to pull out.  For these 5 I have used 5 different fabrics and rotated them around so that none are the same.  These pieces will form the points, there will be another 3 and then the other 4 pieces will be the panels that will join the 8 fans.  The 4 panels in the centre are yet to be worked out, but below is a picture to give you the idea.
So if you want to join in on this challenge,  you could make one of these with me, I'm more than happy to share with you the template (as it's my own design anyway).

Happy CQing.....

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

New Class - Freeform Embroidered bookcover - Craft EDU

My first class with Craft EDU will be going live on their website today. Here is the direct link to the class, book early and get 20% Bazinga discount...

Here are some closeups....


Friday, 11 November 2011

Lest we forget

Granddad Edward Hugh Matthews 1898-1968 (the short one) and friend, World War one.
Grandad served in France in 1916 and returned to Australia injured 1918.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Crazy Quilting Journal Project 2012

The idea is to create a Crazy Quilt Project...similar to the Quilt Journal Project and the Bead Journal Project. The difference will be that the Project will be to complete twelve CQ Blocks that measure at least 6" square...one each month. At the end, you can turn these into twelve individual journal pages...or create a large size quilt from them.

My friend Kathy Shaw has opened up this great project, want to join in, just go to the website and register.
CQJP 2012 blog