Monday, 26 March 2012

Fools Gold 2 - Kerry's completed block


What a response to my beetle on Kerry's block. Thank you everyone who visited and promoted it, thank you just doesn't seem to say enough.

Well drum roll please.......... here is the completed block. 

I didn't want the beetle to take all the attention, the eye still needs to move around the block, and I hope I have achieved that, and keeping with the 'Gold' theme.
The eye is still drawn to the beetle, but now it can travel around anticlockwise to the bead, button and ribbon motif, continue down to the gilt pearl bullion roses seam, with the ruched bow at the bottom left.  Move your eye to the center for Kerry's 'K', it's made of no 1 Purl Pearl, with woven blue silk with colonial knots, aqua beads (same as the beetles eyes) and gold leaves.  Next is a golden spider and her gold thread web for good luck, with flowers dropping from the sky.  Last of all, two seam treatments of gold silk thread, double chevron and buttonhole stitch.

And as usual here are close ups of the elements. First of all the button, bead and ribbon motif.  This motif consists of gold chiffon gathered ribbon, with gold beads and drop beads. A thin gold ribbon caught by a gold and diamante shanked button.
Next is Kerry's 'K', gold No 1 purl pearl, with aqua blue silk thread threaded between the spirals of the purl pearl.  Couched into place with the same aqua blue silk thread and colonial knots scattered around with gold leaves near the knots.  To the left you can see the gold gilt bullion roses with intervals of gold leaves.

To the left of this we have another bow. This is made of the same ribbon as in the top motif.  Here you can also see the full row of four bullion roses.

Next to the right we have the gold lady spider and her gold web. Also seen is the buttonhole seam treatment.

Last of all of coarse is our now famous beetle. He is surrounded by falling flowers of gold and aqua blue beads.

I really enjoyed working on this block of Kerry's.  It will be packed up very carefully as he has to go through three more sets of hands, and goodness knows how many postman's hands before they get home to Kerry.


Saturday, 24 March 2012

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

G'day All,

I want to thank everyone who has visited my blog and also those to those who also left a message recently, your comments and support is greatly appreciated. Personally I want to thank Denise from Craft Gossip, Kerry from CQI, Shari from StitchMap and Kathy Shaw.

I'm also amazed that I have reached 100 followers, and nearly 500 blog views in a day.

So to you all,

Thank you, thank you, Thank you.


Friday, 23 March 2012

Fools Gold 2 Round Robin - Kerry's beetle is finished

He's totally made of real gold work supplies, I just couldn't do him justice using cheaper products, and the lady he will belong to deserves the best.  He's 3 inches long and 1 1/2 inch wide, so he's quiet large, he will be the main feature of the block. I'm also wanting to add a large flower on the white section to complement him, an Australian Waratah was what I had in mind.  I will have to cover him carefully so that he's stays crisp for his long journey home.
Here are some close ups of Kerry's Royal Beetle.


Thursday, 22 March 2012

Fools Gold 2 Round Robin - progress on Kerry's Block

I love this round robin, I am finally getting to do some gold work on Crazy quilt blocks.  Kerry has longed for one of my beetles, and now I finally have the chance to make her one.  So seek peek at her beetle.

Here are her wings finished, they are on a background of cream silk and white shiny chiffon. Cut chips of gold gimp and three lengths of gold purl edged with Soie De Paris no 2234 Silk. I wanted this beetle to be extremely regal as her block is stunningly beautiful and nothing short of regal would do.

So Kerry, here are your wings so far.
Yes there is a small chink cut out, but it will be mended before they get stitched on.  I haven't decided if it's a he or she yet.... we'll have to wait and see, may depend on the crown I give it.


Tuesday, 20 March 2012

More Basically Beaded - Last Set Pam's blocks

I've had a wonderful time stitching these last two sets of blocks.  It's a shame to send them on, which I will do tomorrow (weather permitting).  We had a mini cyclone this morning, sending trees, garden sheds and branches flying around the place.

First of course is the full block and the closeups of the elements.
So from the top left and going clockwise, starting with a lovely beaded dragonfly, beaded buttonhole seam, and flower bead spray.  Chevron and herringbone beaded seam treatments, with a silver charmed flower and dragonfly cluster. Further around another flower cluster and seam treatment of heart and silver snowflake shape charms.
Now to the closeups.....  Dragonfly

Fimo flower beads with large crystals with smaller flower beads and silver beads of various shapes.  One of two dragonfly charms.

Silver flower charm with swirl charms either side enhanced by silver beads, with the second dragonfly charm.  Beaded chevron and herringbone seam treatments.
Last flower cluster with seam treatment of small purple heart beads and snowflake shaped silver charms.
I have enjoyed doing this round robin, even though it was behind most of the time.


Sunday, 18 March 2012

Basically Beaded DYOB - my work on Merle's blocks

I've only had these blocks and Pam's a few days, as this round robin is way behind I wanted to get them moving ASAP.  When I received them I opened the package with eagerness to get started. Alas due to them smelling of cigarettes I had to postpone my work.  I allowed them to air for a couple of days, it's been raining cats and dogs here since Thursday, so they were getting some really lovely fresh damp air.  Don't worry, I have a very large undercover area so they were never in any danger of getting wet.
So with all this rain around, hubby's rugby games were cancelled and so we spent a lovely weekend together watching the Formula one and the V8's on Telly. So whilst he was watching the sport, scanning through the sports channels I was busy stitching away merrily on these blocks.

First of all I wanted to know if Merle wanted me to add one of my beetles to her block, she had waited so long for these blocks so I though a treat was in store.
The colour of Merle's blocks were my first challenge, I'm not over keen on dark colours so I had to move out of my comfort zone for these. I brightened them a little with the silver enhancements. Getting the right balance was a challenge which i think I have achieved.  Here is the completed block.

Starting with the beetle on the top left, I also added a spider and his web, a twin heart charm, a seam of variegated chevron seam, and a spray of rose beads and ribbon. At the base is a silver butterfly, and finished of with a seam of silver and blue beads just below the beetle.

Now to the close ups of the elements: first the rose bead spray and silver butterfly. I love using these rose beads that I purchased, the colours just seemed perfect for this block.

Next up is the promised beetle for Merle.  He's a beaded one, and this is the front on view him.

And a side on view.

Next is the twin heart charm with beaded top.
and of course the seam below the charm and the beetle.

Last of all, no block is really complete without a spider and his web.
I hope Merle likes her block, she'll be drooling over them by the end of the week.


Sunday, 11 March 2012

CQJP 2012 and TAST - March work

Incorporating the TAST stitches from February's list.
Week 6 - Chevron
Week 7 - Detached Chain
Week 8 - Chain
Week 9 - Couching
Chevron is the center seam with a large gold sequin, a red floral sequin and a seed bead for decoration.
Chain and detached chain make up the two outer seams with floral red sequins and seed beads for decoration.

The Christmas tree featured motif is made up of a couched gold bead braid with a piece of gold plastic braid for the trunk. Topped with a gold star and green seed bead.

The addition of the two Christmas tree charms and gold and white rick rack finishes this block.

3 down, 9 to go......


Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Second Class with - Closing soon

G'day All,

This class is running soon, it's scheduled to run March 27th, so go over to and book NOW.

Here's the link, which you can also access on the side bar.
Stumpwork elements featured are the Australian Gum nuts, Blossoms and leaves with the little dragonfly. The Aboriginal artwork inspired stitching of the Kangaroo and Boomerang add to the very Australian themed cover. The Needle case measures 6 inch x 5 inch (15cmx12.5cm)

I look forward to stitching with you.