Sunday, 5 June 2011

Traditional Foral RR - my work on Lisa's block

Working on only two round robins, so posts are few and far between. This block has lovely soft colours and yellow being my favourite colour was a joy to sew on.
Here are pictures of my work. First of all the full block, my work is the top left of the block.

 Below is the flower spray on the left of the seam treatment with buttonhole wheels and lace.
 This piece of lace was in the package, and thought it looked perfect for the top of the block, I added some beads to the flowers just for some enhancement.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Rosey's walk - she's finished.

After months of working on this piece 'Rosey's Walk' is finally finished.  The last few elements were to be added to finish this wonderful piece.  I've added a beetle, a spider and his web, and filling in the the fore and background.
The beetle was first, he's taken flight from the tree to catch the spider in his web.

The next element to go on was the spider and his web.

His web is a single strand of grey floss, glistening in the sunshine.
Surface elements was the leaves blowing in the breeze, and the mountains of High Range in the background.  Foreground elements are grass and river reeds with the river in the corner.  The last element is Rosey's collar.
Blue and free to bounce as she walks.
And now the final piece, ready to go into competition for the Townsville Show.