Friday, 17 December 2010

Kathy's Basically Beaded block

This is a stunning block, the work that Kathy put on her block before we all started is just amazing.

Trying to keep up to this standard was going to be a challenge, which of course I was preparing myself for since Kathy posted pictures of it on her blog a couple of months ago.

This is the block now, after my work.  I have detailed my work below.

So my ideas were to add some of the pearls my hubby's aunt had given me, added to it some clear crystal seed beads and creamy tear drops. I was also given a lovely pink shell necklace, so pulling it apart I made the three pink flowers.  I also had some earrings from my mum when she passed away 12 years ago, I will never wear, so I've made a lovely motif for the corner with one set and the center is from another set, I've kept one for my own blocks.

Kathy didn't want a lot of lace on her block, but if we were to add it, it had to be white, so I emailed her to get permission to add a piece of hand dyed (by a friend) a lovely strip that I made into a flower, (thankfully Kathy allowed me to add it).  I then added another pearl to the centre and some lovely soft pink seed beads around it. I then enhanced the petals with the same seed beads and crystal double cone shaped beads in clear pink. I think it works well. 
So now I have finished both the Basically Beaded RR blocks that I have and now will post off to Diane in the new year.

Now to work on the two English Garden blocks I have.

TTFN,  Arlene

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Renee said...

This block is gorgeous!