Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Angel Work for CQI

Angel work has finally happened for me, I have been an Angel for CQI for a year or so now, but have not had  to pull on my hallow and help out.   What is an Angel - well we are the ones that step in to take over a stitcher or stitchers in the Round Robin to help out. Occasionally unforeseen circumstances get in the way of us completing a Round Robin, and so Angels step in.
But all of a sudden, and I really don't mind, I got three all at once.  They are beautiful block sets, Winter and Angel (appropriately named), and so I got to work and finish them off as soon as I could, as they have already been held up long enough, due to family crisis's with the stitchers involved.

So here are the blocks I worked on.  First is the winter DYOB, this was from Wendy's set.
And Wendy's Angel DYOB set
And Cathy's Angel DYOB set
I hope the ladies like the work I have stepped in to do.



Diane said...

Really pretty work Arlene. First block is extra nice. And I like the flower beads in the third block, do you remember where they came from?

Arlene White said...

Diane, I got those lovely rose beads from Kathy Shaw.


Nicola said...

How nice of you to be an Angel, what a lovely idea.

Shawkl said...

So, so pretty! Love the little detached chain butterflies...I need to remember those! The idea to extend the flowers in the cart towards the fabric printed ones...brilliant! Good job Angel!

Marjolein said...

I love the flowerspray in the third block, they blend beautifully into the rose fabric.

Cathy said...

Oh, I love the work you did on my block, you angel! Thanks.

Oh, and I also love the other work too.

Cathy L