Friday, 25 January 2013

Southern Cross Crazies RR update

After being away from 4 weeks on a scout jamboree it was so nice to sit and stitch and just relax.  I have made a beetle for Linda for her block. I had asked her prior to going away and was hoping to make him whilst I was at the jamboree but didn't lift a needle.

Here is the full block after me:
I added the beetle in the center, the roses around him and the seam to the far right. There is still Faye to work on this block so there's still room for her to weave her magic. 

Here are close ups of the beetle on this block.
 Back view
 Overhead shot
and a side on view. I think he's happy amongst the roses.
I hope you like him Linda.



margaret said...

how I wish beetles looked like this in real life, he is beautiful, will we see a photo of the block when it is finished, it is lovely and the colours are so pretty

Suztats said...

Such a beautiful beetle, Arlene! Lovely work on the block.

MarneyMay said...

The beetle is sooo beautiful and I love the roses


Jen said...

Hi! Arlene, your beetle is stunning placed amongst the roses.It is a beautiful block made special by your beetle.

Faye said...

This block is so lovely to work on Arlene, I have been adding my bits to it and will send you a photo of the finiahed block before I send it to Linda...