Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Stumpwork - Part 5 - My lady's hat

As for ‘My Lady’s’ hat, that had to be the same as her dress. Here is how it was made.

A small piece of vilene coloured and covered with the material. I then placed chiffon over the top of a wooden cap, and glued into place on top of the hat.

Here are the pieces of the hat:

Clockwise from top left: Material, ribbon, Vilene with circle for hat, wooded cap on top of the chiffon (same as the petticoat).

Here is the construction of the hat, first the circle was cut and the material glued on top of it, and then turned over the edges for the rim of the hat. The top of the hat was the chiffon glued over the wooden cap, and placed on top of the material.
A ribbon was tied and placed around the rim of the top part of the hat. I then made another bow and put on top of the knot on the top of the hat. Place it in the tree and stitch in two places.

I think it looks great hooked up in the tree.

Part 1 Inspiration
Part 2 Tree and Background
Part 3 will be the under layers of my lady.
Part 4 adding dress, head, hair
Part 5 hat
Part 6 finishing touches



Rachel said...

Looks great. You gathered the crinkly fabric and twisted it slightly to create the swirl on the brim?

Arlene White said...

I layed the fabric flat on the fabric, and folded it over, it's turned out that way by fluke.