Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Step back in time - St Pauls Cathedral

A friend asked me to repost this about my time at St Pauls Cathedral as it was on my other blog and they wanted to show their daughter some of the volunteer work I did whilst I was over there.

2006-2009 I volunteered at St Pauls Cathedral assisting in the recreation of their new vestments to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the burning of St Pauls.  I helped with the goldwork on several items.  The Alter Frontals, vestments, the Bishops cope and Mitre.
 Working with the other girls (I'm middle right side-checked blue shirt) on the Bishops Cope.
 Closeup of some of the work we did, this is the eagle's head for the back of the Bishops Cope.

The Bishops Mitre, I did some of the goldwork along the base.
 Some of my friends at the final exhibition.

And the completed mitre and cope.

Sometimes we improvised to get the stitching right.  I would lay on the floor of the crypt and have the ladies push the needle through and I would push it back out.  It was too hard to reach the centre sometimes.
 One of the many crosses made, they took approximately 8 - 10 hours each.
At the first blessing of the robes.

It was an amazing time.

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Fibres and Fabrics Yarn Bombing for Christmas

Read the post here

Don't forget their Christmas Fair this weekend coming: 6th & 7th Dec, QCWA Hall, Denham Street, Townsville (if you happen to be around).


Friday, 21 November 2014

My new craft room

Well this time 12 months ago I was moving into my BIG new craft room, the renovated half of our double garage.
12 months on and I am moving again, but downsizing this time.  This is the area that will be my 'new craft room' for the next couple of years. The cushions and back board will be removed and a board placed on the bottom for extra support.
Yep, it's in a caravan. Now I only get the area where the cushions are, the bottom section below the cushions is where the 'operating system' of the caravan is. Batteries, charging system, fuses etc.  Now I have to put into this area: 60kg approximately. My bead box, with the hands free hoop,
 these 9 drawers
 The blue box, red bag on top, the bright blue box and the school port.  Other than my sewing machine, cutting mat and rulers that's it.
Could you cope with such a small area????? I'm going to have to and I'm still reshuffling stuff, as I'm still over weight (not me, but my gear - ha ha ha).  I didn't think weight would be one of my issues, but we only have 400kg to add to our van, as it would then become overweight and that can cause big problems on the road. I still need to cull about 10kg, so I think I'll be leaving some of the beads behind, as there really is no where else for me to remove that kinda weight.

The 400 kg includes all food, water (yes water too), gas bottles, BBQ, hubby's Kite surfing gear, kitchen gear, all the linen, our clothing, washing machine (twin tub weighing only 5kg), laptops, TV, etc.  It all adds up.  Thankfully hubby has got most of the real heavy stuff sorted (Tools, his diving gear, pushbikes) as it will live in the back of our towing vehicle.

Here's our new home:

The floorplan:
Just swap the bed over to the other side, it also doesn't have the slide out option, but the bed extends/retracts to give you more room to walk around the bottom.

Well would love to hear your thoughts.


Thursday, 13 November 2014

.... and so a new chapter in our lives is about to begin

Do you sometimes think that your life is a endless book, with mini chapters and long ones too. Some that have continued fragments from others. Well Michael and I are about to start another new chapter in our book. We're moving, but not just out of our house but we're off travelling our great country.

We have lived here in Townsville for the past 26 years, although I have often complained about the heat, we really didn't want to live anywhere else, but circumstances change, health mainly, so we will be leaving the Tropic's early next year to travel Australia for an undetermined length.  Michael's current employment with BAE will terminate on the 29th January, 2015 so from then, he will be an unemployed person for the first time in his adult life, I think secretly he's ready for the rest, he's worked hard and has been a loyal employee.

What's the plan, well, sell up and move, it's simple, right, yea, well kinda.  We have started the packing and cleaning of our home, decluttering and selling off anything that we didn't want to put into storage or take with us (which is going to be kept to a minimum).  Select a real estate agent and put both the house and the unit on the market.  The unit is now sold, waiting for the contract to become unconditional. The house has just gone on the market this week. The house at the moment is the cleanest it's ever been, with inspections from prospective buyers every day, it has to look 'smick'. I wonder if Rosey and Ally suspect their little world is going to be disrupted.  Son is also moving, to Brisbane, so Rosey and Ally will go to live with him.

What to pack, oh boy, parts of this has been easy, but my craft room has been the hardest to pack up. As I intend to continue working and improving on the App, to teach online and on our travels I obviously need 'stuff' to work with.  How do you plan for future projects when you just don't know what they are going to be.  I'm also restricted to just 70kg of 'stuff' which includes my sewing machine.

I think I have worked it out, but I know for sure I will be culling it more when the time comes to move out of the house.

So if you were given the opportunity to live in a caravan for a couple of years and were able to take some of your 'hobby' with you what would you take.  Would love to hear your comments.


Friday, 17 October 2014

New Tutorials - on Etsy

Well it was time for me to move along with my classes, as Joggles will no longer provide them, here on my blog I have added another page tag at the top which says - 'Tutorials for Purchases'.

This is where you will find the links to my Etsy shop for the tutorial directly.

New Tutorials will be added frequently but to start you off there are two now listed in the shop.

The Australian Themed Stumpwork Needle case:

Spring Blooms Cushion cover:

I hope you will enjoy making these two lovely designs.


Thursday, 16 October 2014

Gold Beetle Class

A few weeks ago the Burdekin Sewing hosted the Bi-Annual Show and Tell and whilst them Gloria asked me if I would come and do a lesson on 'My Beetle', the gold one. Well of course I said yes, she's been asking for sometime, but we just never got around to setting a date.  Well pushed by the thought that I'm leaving north Queensland early next year, we finally set a date.

Well I spent a lovely few days for some lovely like minded people, teaching and creating my Gold Beetles.  The results were fabulous, 6 pretty specky beetles were created. We had the class at my Southern Cross Crazies buddy Alison. Lovely large cool airy home, with plenty of yummy food for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.

Here are all but two of the finished Beetles:

  Flo's beautiful pink one.

These three pictures shows Gloria's Green, yellow, brown and blue beetle from different angles.

 This stunner belonged to Jill.

This one is Robyn's. I think she did an amazing job with the blue beads.

 And Roslyn made this beauty.

I also made one as a class example, actually I made two. First this one: to go on a Pansy CQ block to become the top of a box which was Wednesday's lesson.  The block is one of six I have stashed in a draw that I was going to make into curtains for my craft room double sliding door, but since were now moving house, I thought I would use it as it was the right size for the lid. 
The second one is for a CQ Gardens and Flowers block for Candji. (He will be in another post when I finish him off).

and the finished box:

This is Flo's beetle finished and placed on the top of her newly made box.  Just stunning in true life as her fabric choice was very striking and shimmered in the light.

I am very proud of my students work, it was a very relaxed workshop and even though we chatted (a lot) we still managed to make the beetles in two days. The box was done in a morning, it was very easy to do. Thanks Ali for the instructions.

Just a reminder too, my last Beetle class with Joggles begins next Tuesday (my birthday), so if you want to learn how to do the other one, just jump on over and sign up.


Thursday, 2 October 2014

Southern Cross Crazies DYOB - Finish

This round robin started some months ago, finally my blocks have made it home.  The colours apparently were a challenge for all, but the results are amazing.  They do look great together.

This set:

By Alison:
 By Florence:
 By Glenda:
By Helen:
 By Linda:
and lastly by Patti:

Thank you ladies these are truly amazing, love the all. Looking forward to the other 6 from the CQI one that is in rotation at the moment.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Learning something new - Bobbin Lace

You might ask why would I want to learn another craft when I already do so much.  Well the answer is two fold, I firstly was given a set of bobbins with a pillow and roll from a friend, secondly, Fibres and Fabrics have a bobbin lace group which is growing each week. I love watching these ladies work their bobbins in and out of their work creating such intricate designs that I was thinking this would look so nice in my crazy quilting, thus the eagerness to learn once I received this wonderful gift.

I had a personalised lesson with Veronica last week, who has won many firsts and champion prizes in the short time she has been doing it. I've been told I'm a natural, although I think I need far more practice. I eventually would like to design and create my own patterns and add them to my crazy quilting, never one to aim half-way.

Here is my first attempt at Bobbin Lace:

10 pairs of bobbins and the worker pair.  Glad I only started on this size as it was a bit mind boggling at first.
Veronica had a wonderful bag that she carried her work in and as I have decided to continue to do this whilst traveling the bag was just a natural progression.  So I borrowed Veronica's bag and copied it, adjusting it to suit my larger roll and more bobbins. The fabric is the same as the one in my FREE tutorial here on my blog or on the APP, I had excess and thought it would look wonderful as a bag.

Here are pictures of my completed bag.
I adjusted the handles to be longer as I prefer it this way.  The butterfly button is the same as another on a bag I am in the progress of making, so they will be a matching pair.

There is a strap that is connected to the front and comes all the way around and secures with velcro on the back to hold in place.

Side-on View:

With the back open:

Now fully opened:

There is a skirt that covers your work in progress so that everything stays in place.  The butterfly pocket on the top is for work that has reached a length to long to stay on the roll.

The Skirt flipped over (this side sits on your work and is of soft cotton).

There was an Deceased Estate giveaway recently and Veronica managed to get 100+ pair of bobbins, and some other accessories so the group divided them evenly amongst us, so I needed somewhere to store those that I was not using, being in pairs also, as it was frustrating them all mixed together and getting tangled, so I made myself a bobbin roll. Matching the bag and skirt.

This photo is of the bag I keep the roll in with the roll tied up:


I designed it to have a flap over the top of the heads of the bobbins, this is to help keep them in place and clean:

This shows the flaps open:

This last photo is my first sampler finished and sitting on my new bag with the skirt underneath (which is not how the skirt would be normally):

Well if you think you'd like to try, give it a go, but don't give up on the first lesson, give it a couple of goes first then decide.  If I had of given up on my first lesson I wouldn't have continued as I couldn't get the sequence right.