Monday, 29 September 2014

Learning something new - Bobbin Lace

You might ask why would I want to learn another craft when I already do so much.  Well the answer is two fold, I firstly was given a set of bobbins with a pillow and roll from a friend, secondly, Fibres and Fabrics have a bobbin lace group which is growing each week. I love watching these ladies work their bobbins in and out of their work creating such intricate designs that I was thinking this would look so nice in my crazy quilting, thus the eagerness to learn once I received this wonderful gift.

I had a personalised lesson with Veronica last week, who has won many firsts and champion prizes in the short time she has been doing it. I've been told I'm a natural, although I think I need far more practice. I eventually would like to design and create my own patterns and add them to my crazy quilting, never one to aim half-way.

Here is my first attempt at Bobbin Lace:

10 pairs of bobbins and the worker pair.  Glad I only started on this size as it was a bit mind boggling at first.
Veronica had a wonderful bag that she carried her work in and as I have decided to continue to do this whilst traveling the bag was just a natural progression.  So I borrowed Veronica's bag and copied it, adjusting it to suit my larger roll and more bobbins. The fabric is the same as the one in my FREE tutorial here on my blog or on the APP, I had excess and thought it would look wonderful as a bag.

Here are pictures of my completed bag.
I adjusted the handles to be longer as I prefer it this way.  The butterfly button is the same as another on a bag I am in the progress of making, so they will be a matching pair.

There is a strap that is connected to the front and comes all the way around and secures with velcro on the back to hold in place.

Side-on View:

With the back open:

Now fully opened:

There is a skirt that covers your work in progress so that everything stays in place.  The butterfly pocket on the top is for work that has reached a length to long to stay on the roll.

The Skirt flipped over (this side sits on your work and is of soft cotton).

There was an Deceased Estate giveaway recently and Veronica managed to get 100+ pair of bobbins, and some other accessories so the group divided them evenly amongst us, so I needed somewhere to store those that I was not using, being in pairs also, as it was frustrating them all mixed together and getting tangled, so I made myself a bobbin roll. Matching the bag and skirt.

This photo is of the bag I keep the roll in with the roll tied up:


I designed it to have a flap over the top of the heads of the bobbins, this is to help keep them in place and clean:

This shows the flaps open:

This last photo is my first sampler finished and sitting on my new bag with the skirt underneath (which is not how the skirt would be normally):

Well if you think you'd like to try, give it a go, but don't give up on the first lesson, give it a couple of goes first then decide.  If I had of given up on my first lesson I wouldn't have continued as I couldn't get the sequence right.


Thursday, 18 September 2014

Fence Weaving - Fibres and Fabrics

Our group Fibres and Fabrics were asked to decorate some ugly work boundary fences on Magnetic Island. The result: much better to look at, what do you think?

More photo's on Fibres Blog:
Fibres and Fabrics - Fence Weaving


Saturday, 13 September 2014

In memory of.....

September 13th, 1999, was the day I lost my mentor, friend, confidant and most of all my Mum.

Remembering you everyday......
Photo taken in the late 50's, a sewer from way back, where I got my skills from. My older brother Edward helping mum sew.


Monday, 1 September 2014

Last Class with Joggles

Barbara from Joggles has finally realised she is not Superwoman and can't do everything, so something had to give.  Barbara has decided that this last quarter of the year will be the last of the online Classes.

My Beetle will run for the last time on Joggles on October 21st, (which happens to be my birthday).  If you would like to do this class before Barbara closes them for good, pop on over to HERE and book.

There will be some changes happening now, so stay tuned.  I am working out how I can run my own online classes.  Once I have it worked out I will let you know.


Saturday, 30 August 2014

StitchMAP Hexagon Challenge.

In February this year StitchMAP started a year long challenge of Hexagons.  Here are my designs and some of the other designs which I've completed as part of the challenge. Along with these designs there would be two other designs to choose from most months.

February, March and April's Hexagons.

'A' with Woven Silk ribbon Roses - February challenge. (not my design), others that were offered was a Celtic knot garden (loads of French knots) and another embroidery flower motif.
March's Hexagons was Flowers - The Australian Wattle and Gum nuts were my design for the Challenge and a Cross stitch rose was also offered.

April's challenge was an Umbrella, Topiary Trees and a beaded Strawberry motif, (not my designs)

 This Queen bee, was for May's challenge (Not my design), also offered was a Redwork Girl and a Shady Lady fabric applique.

 June's challenge was this wonderful Canadian Oak Leaf, (not my design).  Stitched in Felt applique and also in blackwork.  The third offering was Crayon Coloured embroidered wild roses.

July's challenge was my Dragonfly. Which is an element from one of my larger embroidery pieces - Cheerful Flutterings.
Also offered for July was a raised embroidery Butterfly and a spider and his web (often used in Crazy Patchwork).

 August was my Aboriginal inspired Kangaroo and Gecko.

The Gecko is also from a larger embroidery piece, Twines in Nature.

There are still a couple of my designs to be released, but since their still to come we want to be a surprise, so I can't show them here.

If you would like to join StitchMAP and learn a wonderful skill jump on over to the Yahoo site HERE and enjoy this wonderful craft. They regularly run classes to learn about colour, red work, crazy quilting and others.

You can also download my FREE iPhone embroidery app HERE or click on the link above left. (remember Android version is in production and will be released soon)


Sunday, 10 August 2014

WOW - we hit the big 1000

Hi All,

Just hit a fantastic milestone, the App has achieved 1000 downloads.  Thanks everyone who has downloaded it.  An Update is coming and the Android version, just not an easy task.

If you haven't downloaded the app, click on the link here on your left.

On another note, happy birthday to my Rosey, she's 9 today.


Sunday, 27 July 2014

Working hard - catching up

Boy oh boy, where did that month go.... Time to catch up.  I have been doing RR's now since 2007, in that time I have only had one block go missing which was last year, someone obviously loved it more than we did. I have never had any of my blocks go missing nor have I ever asked for an Angel to step in on an RR, as I believe you sign up for one, you really should see it through, but unfortunately, due to some other commitments, I wasn't able to keep up, so I called in an Angel, thanks Renee and Gerry, yes two Angels as I was in two RR's.  But wait there's more to this tale, not only was it the first time I called in the Angels but it's the first time my blocks have gone AWOL, (Absent without leave - for those who don't know the acronym). Not only were they AWOL, they got destroyed in a Post van fire, thank heavens the Postal Driver was OK.  Bugger to say the least, thanks to one of the ladies in the RR to register my blocks. What made it more upsetting, is they were going to be a part of larger set to make a single bed cover for a friend. So I've had to scrounge together another set to go around, I was getting low on supplies of this fabric as they were only cut from 10inch squares and there was only so much fabric left to make part of them, so they have other colours mixed in now, hope they all go together when they all come home.  Oh well, over it now. Enough waffling on..... so  I have been doing some RR's to catch up and here are the pictures.
Shelly's Block for the Gardens and Flowers DYOB

 Veila's Block, my work is the top left side.
 Here's a close up.
 For the Southern Cross Crazies - this is Florence's Block
And my work on Patti's block.

Last October my friend Eva took home 12 of my creamy coloured blocks.  Remember I posted last Christmas the cushion she made from 4 of those blocks, here's a picture to refresh your memory.

Here is the full set now, this bed throw arrived last Friday, boy was I surprised, it's just stunning, I am one lucky girl to have a wonderful friend like Eva. Just what the doctor ordered after a hectic month.

Eva has made the throw to match the pillow.  So now when were travelling next year I have this beautiful set to put on my bed.

Here is the left side
 The middle section, all fans

 And the right side, complete with one of my beetles, finally one I get to keep.

Thank you my dear friend Eva, I will have to give you the biggest hug when I see you next.


Friday, 27 June 2014

I got Champion - Townsville show

After 4 years of trying I have finally won Champion of Hand Embroidery and Needlework at our Local show.  My piece called 'Bonsai Wisteria', came first in the raised surface embroidery section, which put it into the running for Champion of Section, which it won, Yippee.....

Bonsai Wisteria is being offered on Joggles as a 5 week class read here all about it.

My Mermaid came second in the same class.
I also won first and second for two more pieces respectively.

My Twines in Nature piece which I have reworked and converted into a book for my ATC's.

and Spring Blooms which is also being offered as a class on Joggles, read here for more details.

So do you think I'm excited.....  more about the show on the Townsville Arts and Crafts Blog... link right. Update shortly to come.


Monday, 26 May 2014


I should have done this post a couple of days ago, just got busy with Scouts.

Please visit my store and all the wonderful others that reside there.

You will find some wonderful products to buy.

Here is also a link to 'CraftFest's Blog' where you can read more info about it.

I will add the link each day.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

CQJP 2014 - Round Robins and Android App update

Well hi all,  even though I haven't been on for a little while I have been busy.  With 4 RR's happening, getting class projects finished for Joggles, CQJP stitching and Scouting, life is very busy.  To start with I have finished block 6 of my 12 block CQJ Project.

Six geese a laying:
Here is the block with the removable ornament.

Without the ornament:

The ornament:

Close up of the candle element.

As this is the sixth block, that makes the first half of the wall hanging finished (Stitching at least).

Now to the RR's

Dana's Garden and Flowers DYOB and Traditional RR.
Her single block, I choose the purple one.

The Traditional RR, including a green beetle to chase the bugs on the roses.

Southern Cross Crazies:  Linda's needle case:

Glenda's DYOB: lovely cream colours, just couldn't put anything bright on it.

and now to the update on the APP.  As of today we have over 800 downloads on the Apple app. Christopher and I have been working on the Android version, it's coming soon, so watch this space. Far more involved than the apple one. Chris is to a point now where I am doing the inputting of the repetitive stuff - stitch info, pictures etc, so keep watching, maybe by the later half of this year we might be looking for testers.  So What do you think of our new Ad?

Well that's all for the moment, will post more later in the week, as I complete the next round of Crazy Patch.

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

New Classes on Joggles

Two new classes are available on Joggles.

Bonsai Wisteria:

Spring Blooms cushion:

Link: Joggles class - Spring Blooms