Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Stumpwork - part 1 - my ideas and inspiration

Title: Lady on a swing

Ideas and Inspiration:
Photographs: I have a photo of me with Kylie Minogue at Madame Trousseau Wax Museum in London. Kylie is sitting in a very regal position and I’m standing beside her. I love the way she is sitting and the drape of her lovely sequined dress. I then searched on the web for photographs of ladies on swings; I love dresses that are big and flowing, and their were plenty that certainly portray this.

My tree had to be special too, I love trees and I have collected some pictures of magnificent trees, but this picture was my inspiration of this piece.  This is my favourite picture of trees, mainly because I took it, in Aberdeen in Scotland, they look so majestic with the sun shining though their branches and the snow nestled at their feet.
So combining these ideas together I got the idea of a lady sitting regally on a swing under a very large tree, with her dress draping softly with the breeze. So my next task was to draw what I wanted to stitch, this part was one of my challengers, getting the proportions right. Here is my sketch drawing of my lady on her swing under the majestic tree. From this drawing I took most of my measurements and colour ideas.
Of course the finished item is a little different to this, mainly due to colour clashes that I had when putting it together.
Part 1 Inspiration

Part 2 Tree and Background
Part 3 will be the under layers of my lady.
Part 4 adding dress, head, hair
Part 5 hat
Part 6 finishing touches


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Rachel said...

It's always intriguing to see where someone's ideas come from and how they develop...