Thursday, 30 August 2012

Christmas stitching

I've been busy stitching the last few days, since I'm not allowed to walk due to me 'over stressing' my Plantar Fascia
He's (the Podiatrist) is not sure exactly how I've done it, but falling off my push bike a couple of months ago didn't help.  So verdit, lest amount of walking as possible, and wearing my sandshoes as much as I can (he's added special padding to assist the foot).

so I've been stitching, what great therapy.

I've been making items for Christmas swaps, a cracker, a stocking, and an ornament and also working on my Christmas Tree skit (CQJP 2012 project).  I've completed the stocking and the cracker, just the ornament to go.  For the Stocking swap with Lyn 'Quilting Lion' I was lucky to be asked for a theme, I choose 'Silver', so here is the stocking:

 And some closeups

And for Southern Cross Crazies, we are making Christmas Crackers and filling them with loads of goodies. Here is my cracker rolled up:

And it unrolled
Someone said my beetle looks like he's moving.

One thing I had to remember when i was stitching, was to make sure I didn't sew any embellishments near the ends, where the ribbon ties up, otherwise they'd be crushed under the ribbon.

Here are close ups.
Santa's sleigh
 A Beetle
 Beading seam, and charm
Silk ribbon gather and charms and bells.
So now it's ready for me to add my load of goodies inside:
I hope you have enjoyed this little bit of eye candy.  The ornament is still to come.



Mary Ann Tate said...

I did that to my foot too once. I have no idea what I did but it was a nuisance. I love your stocking and your cracker. The cracker is such a lovely idea and the beetle is wonderful.

Annette said...

love the stitching... and welcome to the club.. re the torn fasciata.. it's not nice..

Carol said...

Wondered where you were on Wednesday. Hope your foot recovers soon, although all the delicious stitching is a very good outcome .....

Marjolein said...

Such a beautiful combination: blue and silver. (it's on my to-do-list)Lovely stitching.

Quayceetatter said...

Lucky person who will receive one of your works. Love the stocking and of course the famous "Beatle"!!
Linda in NM

Anonymous said...

Those are lovely! I really must learn how to sew...