Monday, 20 September 2010

My work on Carolyn's Pansy blocks

The colours of this block is not as deep as in real life, so the photograph does not do the block justice.  The block I chose was the one my pansy motif would match. I added the button trail and beads, a silk ribbon butterfly, beaded lace and a Lacey braid.  I also did some Cretan stitch and detached buttonhole for the seam.  I didn't want to do any more as I thought it would clutter it too much and I wanted to keep it as elegant as possible.
Here is the closeups.
The butterfly:

Here is the pansy motif with added gold beads for the centre..
And the button trail with beads
Next I worked on the group block, I had to keep room for the last person to work on, my work mainly consisted of Fargo roses.
The ones in the centre and the ones shown in the bottom right corner. I also added the Lacey braid above those small ones in the corner.


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