Monday, 20 September 2010

The last to work on Candji's Silk Ribbon Embroidery block

I know I'm late with this one, sorry Candji, I hope it's worth the wait.  It's a very large block, so keeping it large was a challenge. It's size is 15.5 inches square, that equates to approximately 40cm square.
My work is the yellow and white daisy's and roses in the top right corner and the two shell like flowers in the centre bottom.  I found this a hard block to work with, not sure why, maybe the size, but I hope Candji likes it anyway.
This is a close up on the white and yellow daisy's and roses, with beaded centres.

These two were made with a silk organza ribbon with a variegated dye colour with two large pink beads and three trails of smaller ones.


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wendy said...

Very Pretty! I am doing my first round robin and really enjoy it! Have a great week!