Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Christmas Stitching

When I was looking for ideas for people for my 12 Days of Christmas Wall Hanging, I came across the wonderful Larrisa's creations. Her Twelve Days of Christmas Ornament series were just perfect for what I wanted. You can see her blog here.

As an added bonus I have a link on her blog for creating and selling the faces. I may consider making the odd one or two for commissions if asked. 

As you all know I love creating Christmas ornaments for my family and friends for Christmas, so I've been busy the last couple of months creating quiet a few.  I've added a few alterations to suit the person they are gifted too, adding initials, dates, and special accessories.  (picture heavy).

What I do enjoy about creating them is that it's my first time working with wool blend felt. So much better than using acrylic felt.

I've also been creating little ginger bread houses to hold little Christmas gifts from my friends.

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