Thursday, 25 August 2016

Catching up and the new App

We are still house sitting at Burrum Heads, we will be here until mid October. Enjoying a lovely winter, although I have had to make a rush trip back to Warwick and it was very cold and wet there.
I'm currently doing a class with the Monday craft - Spring Blooms. We will also do a trip to Fraser Island before heading south. One place I've always wanted to see.

I am also working on the next app, Silk Ribbon Embroidery. Here's the new logo for the App. This app will be a purchase one, but it will not be expensive, I just need to recoup some of the money that Apple demands for creating them, it might be Free for you, but not for me. By the time I've finished I would have worked over 1000 hours into this app.

Also a sneak peak at one of the Free projects that will be in the app - a Bookmark.
I've finished creating all the new 'tips' for this app, there are many, including dyeing, storing, creating backgrounds etc, as well I have finished the stitching for all the stitches. I still need to create the 'flower' stitches and finish off the second free project and create a couple of paid projects. I hope to release in October, which could be a push, but I'm gonna try.

As for the Android version, well we are still working on it. Not sure how long, as it is now left in Chris's hands to finish off, as I have done all I can.


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