Monday, 18 May 2015

Where have I been?????

Well where has the time flown, we left Townsville on the 29th January this year just five minutes before our house settled. We have now made it as far south as the Central Coast NSW. We will be here for the next three months house sitting.

Since leaving Townsville three and a half months ago we first made our way south to Warwick to stay three weeks with my brother after settling our dogs in their new home with our son in Brisbane.
Here are the girls at our son's home, they get faster walks and are on a diet (we loved them too much). Rosey is now down to a much better weight for her and Ally is loosing more too.

This is our position on my brothers property, what a view, was a little noisey with the highway within cooey of us.

We then moved to Tweed heads for a week to catch up with some family and friends. It was lovely meeting up with my high school friends Michelle, Kim and Stuart.  Here is Michelle (in red) and I.

We then moved on further south to Kempsey where we house sat for about 8 weeks. What an amazing home we got to look after. 3 1/2 acres of manicured lawns and gardens and a huge home.

The coastal scenery here was amazing, we were lucky to have many fine days. Michael has bought himself a surf board, so if the wind is not blowing and he can't go Kite surfing, or it's not calm enough for him to go diving, he can surf.

There I joined a quilting group Macleay Quilters where I attended a workshop and went on a shopping bus trip.  I also volunteered at the local show and entered a few items. I got 2 first and 2 seconds, with Cheerful Flutterings again taking out a first.

I also managed to make a couple of items for Michael's mum, one I blogged about just the other day, the second I'm still working on. (pictured here) It's three dimensional but it's quilted and all made of fabric and lace.

On our trip from Kempsey to Gosford we stayed at Diamond Head which is a camp in the Crowdy head national park, we were right on the beach and the views and weather was just amazing. We even had the Kangaroo's, Kookaburra's, Rosella's and even a Gonna visit us in the Park.

 The bottle brush was growing everywhere, bushes and bushes of it.
 The view behind Michael towards Laurieton and Mt Middle Brother.
Our visitor one day.

We have now moved onto the Central Coast near Gosford, we will be here until late August house sitting and minding their lovely little pug dog Tilly.  I haven't yet touched base with craft groups here but will in the next couple of weeks.

Not sure if you remember but I purchased a small sewing machine to use on our travels, but alas I am doing just as much sewing as I had at home and have found it too restrictive, so for Mothers Day my darling man purchased me a new sewing machine. So of course I have to make a new case for it.

The good thing it's only 2kg heavier than the small one I had, so it's light and fits nicely behind my seat in the ute when we are travelling, so we haven't actually added any weight in the Caravan, which is vital in our travels.  I also managed to get a set of feet for it very cheaply, which also included a walking foot, which are very expensive on their own.

Well currently I'm still working on my Aussie Quilt and the 12 days of Christmas, with a few little projects mixed in here and there as well as taking Kathy Shaw's Free Quilting courses.

Well I think I've roughly got you back up to date where I've been, travelling this wonderful big country of ours but have only made it this far. But I'm not complaining, it's a fabulous life Michael and I are having.
Catch ya soon.


Shirley said...

Good Morning I have enjoyed catching up with you and your adventures. I am learning more about your country and enjoying seeing all of the countryside. The scenery is so pretty and I am looking to see where you are off to next. Have a great adventure. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend Shirley@shirleystitches

Unknown said...

Arlene. I've so enjoyed your projects & travels.. I'd love to visit your country but I'll just see it thru you & your travels, ok? I just read that you were able to get a new sewing machine and said" I'll have to build a new cover.. how do you make a cover, or did you call it a box? anyway How??? your friend, molly/

margaret said...

this is a wonderful tip you are having, congrats on your win at the quilt show.
Enjoy the rest of your travels, wonder where you will be next time you blog

Jen said...

HI! Arlene, what a great adventure you both are having, and taking your sewing projects. The Central coast is only 1 hour south from me. I always pack heaps of projects in the van. Congratulations on your quilt show wins. On Face Book is a great group called Australian Grey Nomads with lots of interesting topics and good camping spots. Also a group called the Quilting Travelers. Worth a look. Where are you on the Central Coast?