Thursday, 2 October 2014

Southern Cross Crazies DYOB - Finish

This round robin started some months ago, finally my blocks have made it home.  The colours apparently were a challenge for all, but the results are amazing.  They do look great together.

This set:

By Alison:
 By Florence:
 By Glenda:
By Helen:
 By Linda:
and lastly by Patti:

Thank you ladies these are truly amazing, love the all. Looking forward to the other 6 from the CQI one that is in rotation at the moment.


margaret said...

what a lovely collection of crazy blocks I can see why you are so delighted they are so eyecatching

Renee said...

Arlene, these are absolutely lovely! Lucky you!

Jen said...

Arlene they are a beautiful set of blocks I can see why you think they are amazing.