Sunday, 27 July 2014

Working hard - catching up

Boy oh boy, where did that month go.... Time to catch up.  I have been doing RR's now since 2007, in that time I have only had one block go missing which was last year, someone obviously loved it more than we did. I have never had any of my blocks go missing nor have I ever asked for an Angel to step in on an RR, as I believe you sign up for one, you really should see it through, but unfortunately, due to some other commitments, I wasn't able to keep up, so I called in an Angel, thanks Renee and Gerry, yes two Angels as I was in two RR's.  But wait there's more to this tale, not only was it the first time I called in the Angels but it's the first time my blocks have gone AWOL, (Absent without leave - for those who don't know the acronym). Not only were they AWOL, they got destroyed in a Post van fire, thank heavens the Postal Driver was OK.  Bugger to say the least, thanks to one of the ladies in the RR to register my blocks. What made it more upsetting, is they were going to be a part of larger set to make a single bed cover for a friend. So I've had to scrounge together another set to go around, I was getting low on supplies of this fabric as they were only cut from 10inch squares and there was only so much fabric left to make part of them, so they have other colours mixed in now, hope they all go together when they all come home.  Oh well, over it now. Enough waffling on..... so  I have been doing some RR's to catch up and here are the pictures.
Shelly's Block for the Gardens and Flowers DYOB

 Veila's Block, my work is the top left side.
 Here's a close up.
 For the Southern Cross Crazies - this is Florence's Block
And my work on Patti's block.

Last October my friend Eva took home 12 of my creamy coloured blocks.  Remember I posted last Christmas the cushion she made from 4 of those blocks, here's a picture to refresh your memory.

Here is the full set now, this bed throw arrived last Friday, boy was I surprised, it's just stunning, I am one lucky girl to have a wonderful friend like Eva. Just what the doctor ordered after a hectic month.

Eva has made the throw to match the pillow.  So now when were travelling next year I have this beautiful set to put on my bed.

Here is the left side
 The middle section, all fans

 And the right side, complete with one of my beetles, finally one I get to keep.

Thank you my dear friend Eva, I will have to give you the biggest hug when I see you next.



carla said...

Hi!!! These are all so pretty!!!

margaret said...

some really beautiful crazy quilting here. The runner and pillow look amazing what a good friend you have there. Such a shame to have blocks destroyed in a fire. I did an embroidery RR recently, think all ours arrived safely and now Workbox magazine are going to do a feature of it.

Jen said...

Arlene they are beautifully embroidered .Sad your blocks went missing. You are very talented and haveing a dear friend sew for you is special.

Meira Shana said...

Gorgeous! One question:

How do I get onto your gift list??