Saturday, 17 May 2014

CQJP 2014 - Round Robins and Android App update

Well hi all,  even though I haven't been on for a little while I have been busy.  With 4 RR's happening, getting class projects finished for Joggles, CQJP stitching and Scouting, life is very busy.  To start with I have finished block 6 of my 12 block CQJ Project.

Six geese a laying:
Here is the block with the removable ornament.

Without the ornament:

The ornament:

Close up of the candle element.

As this is the sixth block, that makes the first half of the wall hanging finished (Stitching at least).

Now to the RR's

Dana's Garden and Flowers DYOB and Traditional RR.
Her single block, I choose the purple one.

The Traditional RR, including a green beetle to chase the bugs on the roses.

Southern Cross Crazies:  Linda's needle case:

Glenda's DYOB: lovely cream colours, just couldn't put anything bright on it.

and now to the update on the APP.  As of today we have over 800 downloads on the Apple app. Christopher and I have been working on the Android version, it's coming soon, so watch this space. Far more involved than the apple one. Chris is to a point now where I am doing the inputting of the repetitive stuff - stitch info, pictures etc, so keep watching, maybe by the later half of this year we might be looking for testers.  So What do you think of our new Ad?

Well that's all for the moment, will post more later in the week, as I complete the next round of Crazy Patch.


Cathy said...

I sure love how your CQJP project is coming along. What a great idea. And your beetle is wonderful, as always. Glad you are keeping busy, but I miss chatting "at the farm" , hehe. Hugs, Cathy

margaret said...

some delights here all looking lovely, especially love the bug eyeing up the roses, so colourful the crazy blocks. The christmas one is going to be amazing