Sunday, 22 September 2013

Projects in the APP

We are getting so close...... to releasing....

In preparation for the release of our new APP, we are publishing the "Templates' for each of the projects here on the blog.  So everyone will be able to download the template at least.  You of course will need further info, all of which is in the app. iPhone and iPad users will have the advantage. Yes iPad users will be able to download and use the app, in fact it works wonderfully on my mini iPad, and even more so on the iPad2.

Here are the Projects that will be released in Version 1.1 of the APP.  Go to the 'App Template' page for downloads.

FREE projects that come with the APP are:

3D Butterfly

 iPhone Case

 In-APP purchase projects:


Gold Poinsettia Box:
(Accessories not included)

 Goldwork Beetle:

Kits will soon be available for all these projects. A link on this blog will take you to my Etsy Shop where you will be able to choose your kits, or the odd supply item, threads, wire, fabric etc.

Updates to the APP will happen regularly adding more stitches, more FREE projects and more In-APP purchase projects. Of course the updates will also fix any bugs or issues that need to be fixed according to feedback.

We do understand that there are a lot of other 'smartphone' users out there, and we will develop one for these phones next year. Some might understand how much work has gone into developing just this app, which has taken us (son and I) by the time it's released 6 months of almost constant work, involving the coding (thank heavens for little boys), making the projects or adapting projects to suit a iPhone format, setting up a shop, business, Apple development account etc. We have had to make up new job lists as we moved along, as new 'jobs' turned up daily as we developed it.

Just gotta do the testing now, ironing out a few more bugs and then wait on our hands for Apple to do their stuff, then they can release it.  Still hoping for an early October release.



Shawkl said...

An enormous undertaking! A big thanks for your support to the art of needleworking! Bravo!

Susan said...

Wow just love the gecko and also the poinsetta flower embroidery. You have a very interesting blog. Thank you for sharing.