Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Southern Cross Crazies - RR - Patti's block

I love working on cream, and Alison started with glorious colour choices to continue with.
Here is the block after Alison and I.
Alison's work is at the top where the little gold butterfly is. My work is the bottom half.
I've added a row of Gold chevron stitches, with green beads enhancing each top of the stitch. I added purple flowers and buds between each.  I whipped gold thread through the ridges of the check fabric and added purple beaded flowers with green centers.
Here is a close up of my work.
The purple flowers are a fan of blanket stitch with two rows of detached buttonhole around the top. The buds are two detached chain, one larger than the other.



Nicola said...

Stunningly beautiful. WOW.

margaret said...

how lovely to work a block with others, love both your and your friend`s stitching

Louise said...

Your crazy quilt block is so beautiful - how fun to do it with a friend. Would love to learn how to make a block as lovely as yours!