Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Basically Beaded DYOB - my naked blocks (almost).

Life is so busy at the moment, I haven't had time to make new blocks for this RR, so I begged if I could use blocks from previous RR's and was granted permission. So with two fairy's, one fan, and three english garden ones, I have made up 6 blocks for it. Yes I had started one with a beetle, so those in the RR will get to see one up close. Also some lovely work that Ann Flowers did for me on the Fan, had every intention of finishing that one.



Elizabeth Braun said...

Wonderful work and I'm not surprised you win so many awards! Wish we had shows like that here, but sadly not.

Anyway, for what course were you doing stumpwork assesment pieces? I'm curious as I too would like to get some decent training and so on in stumpwork. I already do some, but nothing really adventurous thus far.

Elizabeth in the UK

Arlene White said...

Elizabeth, I've been doing correspondence with Kay Dennis in the UK.