Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Wow, I'm featured!!!!

My Craft group that I attend each week (we try to anyway), is featuring it's members, and I'm this week.

Fibers and Fabrics is a wonderful craft group I discovered when i got home from the UK.  I knew they were in Townsville when I left to go, but thought they weren't allowing new members and were not flexible with their work, boy oh boy was I surprised.

They do all sorts of wonderful stuff and promote members work and support the community, what a fastastic group.  Here is there website to see the post featuring me, and all the other wonderful ladies that have been featured before me.  http://fibresandfabrics.blogspot.com/

Rosey's finished too, wow what an achievement, I am so releaved it's done. Not sure if I want to put the final piece up yet for public display, as I want to enter her in the show.  What do you think???



Carol said...

Go for it!

Ange said...

Your doing very well for yourself, keep it up, we're proud.

Annette said...

Go fot it.. put her in the show..

Pam Gonzalez said...

WOW what a wonderful piece of work!! Put it in the show for sure!! You really love what you do....it shows in your work. Pam G