Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Maureens English Garden DYBlock

As I mentioned earlier it was a catch up weekend for me, finally no other commitments, and so I was able to get loads done.  I locked myself in my air conditioned craft room and went to work. So I've finished Cathy's Pansy blocks and Maureen's English Garden block was next.  I had already chosen the colours etc I wanted to use, so it was just a matter of designing what i wanted to do and get to it. So here's the full block and following are the elements.

I had seen recently somewhere some grid ideas and through this would look great on this block, so here is the grid. Made up of several chevron rows with Fargo roses and colonial knots. The little wheel barrow button, looked just right there.
This element is my favourite, there colonial knot scallops with wheat between each. I found some gardens in the UK do have some wheat growing in amongst the flowers.

Maureen wanted her cottage framed, so I stitched detached buttonhole all the way round a couple of times to give it a kind of fringe.  I also did feather stitch around the edge of the block as it just needed some filling there. I added beads for some enhancement.
Next came the lace above the Chevron grid. I dyed this to match the muted tone of the block, and added smokey blue beads.
Last of all was the flower motif, that I hand dyed and the little buttonhole butterfly to fill in the last little gap.
Maureen I hope you like the work I did on your block.


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The English Garden Block is truly gorgeous. Your stitching is very very beautiful. Great job. Hugs Judy