Friday, 16 July 2010

Round Robin update - Lisa's Pansie blocks

Ok, the other round robin I'm in is this one with the Pansies, the blocks that are making their way down under are just stunning. Here is my work on the whole block that I chose. I just loved these colours.
I added a gather Pansie motif (the large one), crochet ones on the right, and three smaller gather ones on the bottom left. I then added hand dyed 7mm meandering silk ribbon on one seam and added some purple bullion and colonial knots.  A spider for good luck and buttonhole stitch butterfly's at the top. A Cretan seam with flower sequins and beads, and the centre is a grid pattern of pink thread with green and pink beads at alternating intervals.  Last of all my favourite flower motif (I have quiet of few in white, so I can dye them to my colour choice). 

This is the group block, I added the large ribbon Pansie and the chevron seam.


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