Monday, 29 December 2014

Last of CQ Round Robins

Well I have finished my work on my final two Round Robins with Crazy Quilting International for a while due to us off travelling our great county in a few weeks.
Both of the Round Robins were themed 'Garden and Flowers'.

Traditional RR - Candji's block.  I added a beetle and sent to Gerry to complete as this was a time when we were preparing the house for sale.

My naked block:

And my finished block, just stunning, so much work and detail.  Will be made into a cushion for our new caravan.

 Then the DYOB (Do your own block) - Barbara's blocks, this is my work.
 Barbara's full set after I had completed mine.  These were sent to Elizabeth to do one and then she would send the set home to Barbara.
 Elizabeths's block, my work
 Elizabeths full set.
Now to refresh your memory this is my original set (they were destroyed by a post office truck fire), my second set I sent contained four fans.
 Here are my completed blocks.
they will be added to the other six blocks from the Southern Cross Crazies Round Robin and made into a single bed throw (eventually, as they are now packed).

They will all look so good together I think.

Thank you to all the ladies who worked on my blocks, I will miss doing them, but I will have CQ to keep me busy with the 2015 CQJP starting up in January and I have at least 30 blocks to do, as well as the remaining six blocks in my 12 days of Christmas Wall hanging.
Here are my CQ Blocks for 2015, they will be made into a bedspread for the caravan, in Aussie outback colours.

Well that's the last of these RR posts for some time.


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margaret said...

so many lovely blocks here, have a wonderful time on your travels, hope you will be posting photos on your blog of this wonderful adventure you are going on. I ave registered for the CQJP for 2015 but think I will not be doing it after all as a break will do me good!