Friday, 2 January 2015

CQJP 2015 Crazy Quilting Journal Project - Aussie Outback Themed Quilt

Well for the fourth year running, I will be creating a new piece for the home, my travelling home in fact.
Even though 2013-14 piece is still be finished, it will be worked along side this one. The 12 days of Christmas is half way there, just got to do 7 - 12. Most of the 3D ornaments are designed and two of the blocks have their gold numbers attached.  To refresh your memory here are the first 6 blocks.

Here are the 30 blocks made for 2015's project.  I hope to do up to two blocks per month, but with travelling we will see.

I have labeled each block and for each row.  Bagged them up so to keep them free of dust and dirt as we travel. I have created a template for each block, as each block is exactly the same template.  I can design it and note lace, braid, beads and thread colours and types etc to each.

I found a great book for Aussie flower designs: Jenny Bradford's Embroidery Collection, has some wonderful motifs for me to add.

I'll be using a lot of my own drawings for the animal, bird and insect motifs, including the odd beetle, dragonfly, butterfly and grass hoppers here an there in 3D, and forever been aware that the quilt will be washed from time to time.

I now just need to sort my embellishing goodies into bags for each block, dye lace etc to suit the shades I want and I'm off and stitching.



Renee said...

I love your 12 Days of Christmas blocks! I look forward to seeing them all when they are done. I wish you a wonderful adventure as you travel. The new blocks for your 2015 project will be fun to follow. I love the way you have printed them out to plan your embellishments.

margaret said...

lots to keep you busy whilst on your travels, love Jenny`s books I have a few of them. My CQJP for 2014 was finished on 31 dec but do not plan too do one this year

Juli said...

Wow, you are so organized!

Susan said...

Wow love your work! Esp the 12 days!!!

Diane said...

I find that when travelling that I can get a lot of cq done. And there are sure to be new shops to explore on your trip. The 2015 project will be amazing!

Sam said...

wow you are so organized and well settled.