Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Step back in time - St Pauls Cathedral

A friend asked me to repost this about my time at St Pauls Cathedral as it was on my other blog and they wanted to show their daughter some of the volunteer work I did whilst I was over there.

2006-2009 I volunteered at St Pauls Cathedral assisting in the recreation of their new vestments to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the burning of St Pauls.  I helped with the goldwork on several items.  The Alter Frontals, vestments, the Bishops cope and Mitre.
 Working with the other girls (I'm middle right side-checked blue shirt) on the Bishops Cope.
 Closeup of some of the work we did, this is the eagle's head for the back of the Bishops Cope.

The Bishops Mitre, I did some of the goldwork along the base.
 Some of my friends at the final exhibition.

And the completed mitre and cope.

Sometimes we improvised to get the stitching right.  I would lay on the floor of the crypt and have the ladies push the needle through and I would push it back out.  It was too hard to reach the centre sometimes.
 One of the many crosses made, they took approximately 8 - 10 hours each.
At the first blessing of the robes.

It was an amazing time.

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margaret said...

what a wonderful project to take part in some beautiful vestments etc